Friday, March 27th, is MARCH MADNESS BOOBDAY!


When I chose this theme at the beginning of the month it was because it could be widely interpreted.  Basketball fans could go that route, the rest of us could go another (“madness,” is quite subjective, after all).  As I said before, I don’t give a shit about college basketball.  Some of you really took the bit between the teeth and ran and others struggled.  I’ve loved seeing what you’ve all come up with!

Let me remind you all that the themes are prompts and participants who follow the theme are given preference, but it’s not required for me to post.  If I like the image (read: this has nothing to do with your body shape/size/whatever, but the artistic mood of the image) then I’ll post it regardless.

In my experience of hosting this meme around 75 times over the course of two years, themes push us all to think outside the box and really embrace the artfulness of our bodies.  If you hate the themes, then by all means, there’s no pressure for you to participate.  I won’t hold a boob-gun to your head.  Wait for one that inspires you; no hard feelings!  Or maybe don’t play with us!  That’s totally ok, too!  I’m easy, y’all know that.

This Boobday I have asked the fearless and raw Becky Whee of Beck and Her Kinks to be Boobday’s featured star (@beckandherkinks).

Each month I will be highlighting one of you in an effort to say thank you for making Boobday happen.  Without all of you, it’d just be me and my tits.  If you’d like to nominate someone to be featured, email me ( and tell me why.

I asked Beck to write about what Boobday means to her.  Here are her words:

When I first began posting photos of myself, I shied away from images that exposed my body. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. I listened to that voice in my head yelling at me about every imperfection. I let my fear of judgement keep me at a distance with embracing myself. 

It wasn’t until memes like Sinful Sunday, Wicked Wednesday, and Boobday that I seen others so freely exposing themselves and embracing who they were.  These memes taught me that imperfection could still be beautiful. They helped guide me to becoming more confident. Now, sharing my body is so liberating. Exposing myself and capturing that perfect moment has changed the way I feel about myself and more importantly taught me that I love myself no matter how imperfect I might be. 

Boobday is a place where all boobs are welcomed. It’s a place where all boobs are celebrated. All shapes. All sizes. All colors. All boobs. 

I love that Beck is wearing a sport tank and teasing us with her cleavage.

I love these tops because of the cut on the under arms. I love when I get to see armpit hair. Anyhow, I decided to put this tank on and show a little cleavage.

Next month’s Boobday theme is YELLOW.  It’s one of my favorite spring (and fall!) colors and makes me think of sunshine, blonde hair, warm, runny yolks, poppies, the sun, and the warmth between hearts.

And, as always, thank you so much for all your love and support.  Not just with sharing your tits, but sharing your time and insight with me as I’ve been navigating this new phase of my life.   I have my first date since the breakup this afternoon with some guy who’s nervous to meet me, a quick happy hour tomorrow with Troy and Jack to reminisce before another date later that night with the tall eHarmony guy who’s already told me he’ll never send me “penis pics” – ha!

I’m beginning to see how long my list of things I want in a prospective partner is.

Must like sending me pics of your huge cock on the regular

Must like kneeling before me

Must have a career you love

Must be good with dogs, cats, kids, and my friends

Must have a retirement plan

Must not snore

Must love me

You know, the usual.

Wish me luck!



For Boobday Guidelines, click here.


Hy's mad tits.
I never sent this to him.

I chose this photo because it’s like I’m ripping them off my body in a mad frenzy, like the straps are about to snap.  I took them for The Neighbor, but for some reason I never sent them to him.


Anisa lost her mind and let her titties get burned, but check out that tan-line and beautiful belly!

Madness is how much the sunburn on my tits doesn’t hurt at all, but the sunburn on my belly that is barely visible stings like crazy. MADNESS!


I love it when you ladies include your hair in the pics. Here’s Anonymous Aussie tantalizing us all yet again!

We don’t have much of a March madness down under, but I thought of how I’d lost 10kgs (22 pounds) & let my hair grow quite long during last year & thought yeah, that’s a bit of good madness!  So my March madness is how I adore the way my long tresses that now float just above & frame my boobs.


R and her stunning 60 yo self is lithe and very net-y!

March madness….as a basketball fan all I can say is “nothing but net!”


I want to dive into @KaylaLord‘s softness.

I’m mad about Boobday!


I love K’s accidental coordination! Delish!

We don’t play basketball her in SA, so I improvised using my kid’s toys as props ;-) lol!!


First ever group Boobday photo! So hot, so fun, so amazing!!  I can’t gush enough about this!

 On the left is Miss V, center Mz Hyde, right La Shonna. Here you witness the friendship spanning 30+ years. We’ve seen the very best in each other from childhood, teen & adulthood (with & without clothes). I love these women to infinity and beyond. Hundreds of miles separate us but we talk, text, message nearly every single day.

This March Madness Boobday was super fun with props of pots of gold, basketball, clovers, oh and green glitter (leprechaun jizz). LOL. We are definitely doing this again at every opportunity.


I’m always struck by Dawn’s soft sensuality.
I’d had ideas about what to do for this month’s theme but here I am sitting in bed, in someone’s favourite nightgown, listening to  Freddie Mercury’s tribute, trying to work on a very serious project and I am overcome by the need to suddenly take this picture.
So I guess it’ll be a tame March Madness picture for me. Symbolizing the gentle madness that sometimes settles over me, while I’m singing at the top of my lungs “Find me somebody to love”. It’s only after the fact I realised how fitting it is for me at the moment.
St. Patty’s Day is my favorite holiday! I love that Miss V was part of this great group pic! Look at those lucky titties!

This months Boobday was so much fun. Had a great time “crafting” with my girls. Love the Holidays, Spring Break and Boobday!


Mz. Hyde gives us a little finger madness and some leprechaun jizz.

Some March MADness boobs!


Zoe channels a Vogue photo shoot.

Blurb: I’m not a sports person at all. “March Madness” makes me think of madness generally, “mad as a March hare”, and “mad as a hatter”. Hats it is, then.


‘Tis fucking rocks the photoshop AND her hot teddy!   And I’ll palm her balls!
I don’t even know what to say about this months theme. I feel like I had to work for it, as in be imaginative and really think outside the box. So what you see here is my interpretation of basketballs and a net with a little help from my lingerie and photo shop. Anyone want to try and palm my balls? lol
La Shonna really did strike gold! @sunsyne0915.
This Boobday was the best ever. Great friends, great memories, and they’ve got the best boobs.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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17 thoughts on “Friday, March 27th, is MARCH MADNESS BOOBDAY!
  1. Wow, what an incredible showing!

    Beck, I love what memes like Boobday have done for you and how they have helped you in how you feel about yourself. I think many of us can relate.

    Dawn, I don’t know why the heck you would think this months pic is boring. It is the furthest thing from boring. Hy said it best, soft and sensual!!

    Hy, Palm away!!! :-)

    Anisa, you make painful look beautiful. I hope you are nice and tanned now and it didn’t sting for too long.

    Gorgeous ladies, just gorgeous. xo

  2. This is still such an empowering thing to see. All of you lovely ladies make me smile and just proud to have the boobs I was given. I used to be SO quick to see more flaws than anything and now after many boob days with soft and luscious lobes of many shapes and colors, I and simply proud to have some. Cheers to you All!, Jayne

    1. to be clear – the flaws I spoke about were MY flaws. Through my eyes, Everyone else’s boobs were always better looking than mine. Thanks Hy for helping me change my outlook.

  3. It’s so lovely to be back amongst such boobifil company once again! Delightful ladies.
    You’re looking fantastic Hy, you all are.

  4. Dear Hy, thank you for “Boob Day”! What a beautiful way to show that we are all beautiful. 3 points and a lucky leprechaun to everyone! r

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