I’m bikini ready.



I don’t work out regularly.  I’m a US size 12.  I drink too much.  I occasionally smoke.  I’m creeping up on 40.  I eat pretty ok, but not great.  I’m 44-34-44.  

By all outside standards I should be hiding behind bathing skirts and using slimmer panels.  Maybe even sneaking in and out of the pool when no one’s looking.  Let that sea cow have her privacy.

But fuck that.

I am strong and curvy and me.  I have a body and therefore I’m ready.

To be bluntly honest, I don’t look as good as this in real life, but this is what I’ll be channeling when you see me with your own eyes at the pool or the beach.  Me with a soft glow, no filter, and a confidence that lasts for miles.  Chin held high, long blonde hair flowing as I swagger and sashay under the big yellow sun.

Confidence is not the domain of only the fit and the young.  Confidence is something that is earned and learned, not just handed out by genetics and the clock.  

I swim in champagne bubbles and wear ribeye steak; I languish in the endless softness of my mattress and I singe my lungs with smoke under the stars; I suckle on wedges of cheese and dye my lips purple with Tempranillo.

My life is decadent and lush; my body is its reflection and I am proud.  You should be proud of your reflection, too.




A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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50 thoughts on “I’m bikini ready.
  1. I say all the time “I ain’t getting any younger or thinner, fuck it, I’m gonna flaunt what I’ve got”.

    1. God, when I think of the body and “beauty” that I completely missed as a younger woman I want to scream. You know that saying, “Youth is wasted on the young.” SO TRUE!

  2. Yes.
    Last spring I posted this – https://10yearsin.wordpress.com/2014/03/03/ouch-2/ – regarding my plan to get bikini ready. I’ve worn one for 3 springs/summers/falls now (which I can do here in the almost-tropics), even despite convention telling me that at size 16-18, I’m FAR too large for one. To which I say well, then why do they come in my size?
    I’m even wearing one this year, while many, many weeks pregnant.

    Also, I would very much like to lay my head on your bosoms. xo
    Anisa recently posted…and another thingMy Profile

  3. Ha! I love this post. I’m not sure I’ll be as brave as you. That is if I even make it close to a body of water bigger than my bathtub (it’s not necessarily looking too good).
    I have curves and rolls, I have no idea what my US size is any more, and I don’t really care. I’m hoping, maybe, I’ll have had enough positive feedback by the time it’s warm enough in my part of the world, that I will feel like you, ready to flaunt what I have.
    As is, it’s not so much the curves I mind, it’s the flabby, strechmark-riddled tummy… But maybe one day I’ll feel as confident as you :-)
    This said you look stunning, so why shouldn’t you flaunt it? Enjoy all these eyes on you!
    Dawn D recently posted…ReunionMy Profile

    1. It’s not about bravery, though, Dawn! It’s about shrugging off convention. Think of all the men who’ve worshiped your body. It’s the same body you take to the pool! And you don’t have to wear a bikini to be sexy; one-pieces are hot, too, and if they make you feel a little more confident by hiding whatever it is you’re nervous about, then go for it!

      However, having said that, those stretch-marks are little shimmers of life and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. xx Hy

  4. Fuck that for sure. Very hot photo. (I was agreeing with you sentiment when you said fuck that. I wasn’t being nasty and saying “I’d fuck that” lol

  5. you look fucking fantastic! I may not have the body at did at 26, but my confidence more than makes up for it at 46. I’ve earned these marks and softness and curves and I’m going to relish in them.

    1. My point exactly! I wish our bodies weren’t the subject of such scrutiny. Men who aren’t toned/fit/trim are left alone and they get to wear those gigantic shorts anyway, the bastards!

  6. Hourglass girls of the world unite! Curves are meant to be seen and yours are gorgeous! I’m nearing 50 and will be rocking my bikini this summer. I’ve battled an illness close to 10 years and had to start working out hard to keep me healthy. I still have my curves (5’3″ and 38-28-38), but they are way tighter. I know what I got and last summer was the first time in too many years that I strutted at the pool with my head held high.

    1. Rock out with your – um – cock out, girl! You’re a little thing, aren’t you! I’m 5’5″ and a good 6″ bigger around all over, but now I have a really good idea of what your body looks like! lol

  7. I could definitely enjoy time with that body!
    So delicious—you look incredible! Wish my current love was half as hot!

      1. Forgive my being new, dear Ms Hy — I’ve just discovered your blog quite by accident & taken some time to read several posts to better understand you (etc), and may I say have very much enjoyed the journey — but if you don’t mind, I’ll take a stab at responding:

        Dear Mark:
        Sincere compliments are fabulous, but I’m left feeling a bit sorry for your current relationship, with humble respect.

        If you’re not really “into” your lover, if you can so easily compare her to any other only to (publicly!) negatively comment that you find another twice as hot… As much of a compliment as it is to our Author, it is, tbh, at least disrespectful to your partner, and at most an indication that perhaps you might consider rethinking the true motivations behind your relationship.. :(

        Surely you could’ve been complimentary without (effectively) “shaming” your own lady love?

        Wait.. DO you even love her? O_o’

        IMHO, a Man should either Honour his Woman, or not be with that woman – find someone you’re more “into”. Good luck.

        Ms Hy, please forgive my “mini-hijack”..!

        To you, I bow & applaud. More women like you should champion the Resurgence of the Hourglass — the sorry state of the media-driven world of skeletal “models” as “attractive” simply saddens me..
        I’m sure I’m not the only man who prefers a WOMANLY body over a walking clothes-hanger..! >_<
        Yours, milady, is – by your photos – a Fine example of Femininity and Feminine Humanity! May you inspire more women to follow in your footsteps.

        To the other comment:
        Stretch marks? You’ve given BIRTH – that in itself is an Heroic feat, after 9mo carrying.. “War wounds” maybe, but nothing to be ashamed of, and everything to be proud of!
        (Like “crows feet” = you smile a lot! Nothing wrong w that!!)

  8. You look amazing regardless of your size, measurements, curves, etc. I’d say sexy even.

    Glad you are proud of what you got and aren’t afraid to show it off. More women should be proud to show off what they’ve got and ignore the stereotypes.

    So well done!!

    xxx Miss July xxx
    Miss July recently posted…Cowgirl UpMy Profile

  9. I don’t comment much, but I do read and laugh and cry along with you. I must say your hourglass size 12 gives me hope. Not anywhere as good looking as yours, but my size reflects confidence better than it was years ago. My curves need toning or tucking, and fifty is long in the rear-view mirror. I’m doing this for me! Enjoy yourself!

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