I am fractured.

Hy stretch in her robe
Please, don’t talk anymore, young sir. Your words ruin everything.
I am almost 40 and I have a broken heart.  I seem like a perfectly intact woman, but I am fractured.

The men I touch are odd creatures, both foreign and domestic.  Some, like me, are hunters.  Others feast on the carrion like hungry humpbacked hyenas.

I let them go without a breath; the breeze lifts them from my open palm and carries them to the next woman open for pollination.

Hy in her robe and black panties
I don’t know why I don’t want to, but I’ve changed my mind.
The ones who have good after-dinner manners are buried beneath layers of disregard and hardened dating battles.  We are all so good at the chase and so stupidly broken once we’ve had our fill.  An awkwardness slips in between us now that we’ve gotten as close as two people can.

Some flit about my head like drunken butterflies only to be replaced next time with new fluttering souls.

It is all so fleeting, so soul-sucking, so sad.

Hy black panties
Just say what you want to say. Let’s not let this linger on.
And yet, it is life, it is the hope of striking gold which makes me haul the pickaxe over my shoulder again and again.

Someone out there will have the magic I seek, the golden nectar which will make me bloom.

My sticky, waiting pistil is here for the taking.  He’ll find me eventually, my fragrance curled into his nostrils like wisps of smoke.

Hy curves robe
I have 10 more lined up. He is inconsequential.
I want to be blinded by the physical and awakened by the emotional.  I want knowledge and ignorance, light and dark.  I want an awakening that blends into wisdom so natural I don’t know where it starts and I end.

And once again I have discovered that cocks are wonderful walking sticks for this journey.








A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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11 thoughts on “I am fractured.
  1. A wise man told me that it’s all wrong. As men get older they lose their teeth and keep their balls. After a while eating brings more pleasure.
    You are such an amazing woman with so much to offer. You deserve a man that knows that. The man who makes love.

  2. Tell me about it. It is like striking gold. It’s sad but when it’s good its goooood. Sometimes I try to see myself from the third person and realize I was probably fools gold to someone. The way I kept them at arms length, the way I avoided getting close. I do shit like that all the time and lose all the time. I’m obviously not saying you do the same but sometimes it’s good to see what others may see. I hope it makes sense. *sigh* Its crazy making.

  3. You are so beautiful!

    However, that is not probably enough. Filling the empty space is an uphill grind. Healing is a tricky business. The things that we choose to heal us are sometimes just place holders till magic fills us. Magic will appear in your path…it will.


  4. God Hy, I never realized how truly beautiful you are, inside and out of your bra. I was drunk for years before I met you and years after as well but finally, I found people who could help me stop killing myself every day of my life. People just like you. You are fractured in order to use every shrapnel to help others. Voilà pourquoi tu es la plus belle. Merci pour ton patience à mon égard. J’ai presque fini mon livre.

    I love you,
    Alice Thierry recently posted…ReelingMy Profile

  5. Hy, sorry you are feeling blue. Somebody will come along and realize the special person you are both inside and out. You are great and making others feel good about themselves and giving them unconditional love and you will get that all back. Pictures look incredible as always. So graceful and in control yet exposed and available. I couldn’t have imagined a better pose. You are very creative with your pictures. Do you get suggestions from readers or does an idea just come to mind.

  6. Oh Man do I ever relate to this!!! Every single word of it!
    I keep on looking too, and someday I will strike gold. But digging through the other cocks…. ummmm errr ummm… rocks is tiresome at times isn’t it??

    Walking sticks!!! Love that analogy Hy!!!

    Have a wonderful week you amazingly strong and beautiful woman!!
    Joyce C. recently posted…Intoxicated…..My Profile

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