Saturday, April 25th, is YELLOW Boobday!


Well, shit.

The last 48 hours have been jam packed.  My out of town guests left about 30 minutes 2 and a 1/2 hours ago and I decided to delay my work on Boobday until I had eaten.  I swear it’s all I’ve thought about since yesterday slipped through my fingers!  I feel awful for letting you all down and not getting it up yesterday!

Anyway, I’m sitting here with my yellow hair and a yellow glass of wine and I’ve been out in the yellow sun all day long.  I’ve just downloaded all your beautiful images and I can’t wait to share them with you!

This month I asked one of the most loving, thoughtful people I know in our little internet community to be April’s feature, Dawn of Dawn’s Nights.  When she first came on the scene a year ago or so she made her presence known through thoughtful, long comments and an openness of spirit I have rarely found on my journey.  She also was transparent in her struggle to redefine her self-image through her participation in Boobday.

Here are her words and a favorite photo of hers:

My friend Hyacinth asked me to write a little something about what Boobday means to me.

I am touched, because Boobday was the first step in my recovery, in reclaiming my femininity.

Ok, it may not have been the first step, but it was my first public step, even before I started my blog.

I was going through a divorce, had just left the marital bed and made my bedroom in the office…

Part of the reason I had asked for a divorce was that I wanted to regain some of my self-esteem, which had been badly bruised during a sexless and (what I now know) abusive marriage.

I was rediscovering that the woman inside was a sexual being, and I needed to feel beautiful and sexy. Enter Boobday!

I discovered Hy’s blog through a friend. He was aware of my struggles with body image. I asked what he thought of me participating in Boobday, he was very encouraging. So I dove in, found myself a name and sent Hy my first submission.

I loved how welcoming she was, how helpful with all the technical details. That first time, I felt very welcome, got lots of comments and encouragements. I even got all defensive about someone asking whether I had a blog… Fortunately, he didn’t hold it against me and we’re now great friends!

These comments made me think hard about what I expected to gain with my participation, what I was willing to give up, to accept (raunchy comments), and what I wasn’t. It was a very quick process!

I quickly realised that I love Boobday because it makes me feel good about myself. When I send in a picture, I’m usually pleased with the image I see, both as a photographer and as a woman. I had never taken a selfie before, and could only be found in a handful of pictures, because I am usually the photographer. For once, I was allowing myself to be the center of attention (safely hidden amongst my fellow participants), I was allowing myself to be seen, more than that, I was claiming that I deserved attention just as much as anyone else, and should not feel bad when I received it. It was an aha! moment.

Boobday offered me a safe place to explore myself (read: I realised I am an exhibitionist!), and to explore my beliefs about myself. The feedback I got made me aware of the fact I must not be as disgusting as my ex had always implied. It forced me to challenge the inner voice that was stating time and again, that I was too fat, too this, not enough that… It also helped me realise that I was a free woman, and could choose to do what I wanted with my body and my image. And that I needed to become my own greatest fan rather than my first critic.

Boobday was so empowering for me that I always encourage anyone to give it a try. I have made great friends here, and always feel the support of everyone. I know some of my friends did and realised it’s not for them, and that’s Ok. But I love the array of women who participate and always welcome and encourage diversity. The more diverse we are, the more women will realise that they are perfect just the way they are.

All I can say is that I would never have thought just sharing pics of myself could bring me so much. But all it took was for me to try and I was hooked.

I’ll be eternally grateful to Hy for giving me this opportunity.


Gorgeous, luscious, lickable breasts. Click the image to see her blog.


I’ve given it a lot of thought and next month’s theme will be KINKY. 

Remember, these prompts are meant to help you with a framework.  Your kinky may not be my kinky, but that has no bearing on anything.  Send me something that feels kinky to you.  And, as always, if you have an idea for a theme feel free to email me!  If my memory serves me, no one’s sent me any ideas in a long time and I’ve already used up the ones I’ve gotten!

Tomorrow I have a post coming up of a date that restored my faith in men.  No big deal.

Nothing juicy, but I’m going out with him again tonight, so maybe I’ll have something more to write about when it’s all done.

And if not then, then a ginger Viking is coming over Sunday night to bury himself deep inside of me.  We’ve agreed he’ll knock on the door with an erection and I’ll answer the door naked.

I’m pretty sure I’ll have something to write about come Monday either way.

Love you guys.



For Boobday Guidelines, click here.

My YELLOW tits:

Hy YELLOW boobday, black mesh, cage bra
Yellow hair, yellow bedding, yellow sunshine.


NOT my YELLOW tits:

Miss V does us a double whammy this month. I just love that little ring of hers. I could suck on that for a few minutes!

I had a friend help me with this one… He has some pretty damn good ideas. It was more to the point of being tied up with caution tape and what is the message? Is it cautioning the restrainer or the restrained? Anyway it’s yellow! I couldn’t resist…happy boob day!


I think this is the sexiest, most brilliant idea EVER. Love you , Mz. Hyde!!

I work in an office-sometimes I get creative at work. Thus the alter ego Mz Hyde! (shhh)


Miss V again. Unlike most of us, she’s drowning in yellow. God, look at those sexy breasts!!

Spring is in the air! All the animals are ready to get it on ;p

Svannah’s got some swagger! I imagine she’s out at dinner here and if only anyone noticed they’d get a little show.

It has been a long time since I participated. This pic taken by Will from last fall and I love the idea of submitting it. We are trying to reconnect after going through some very difficult times and he took this pic before any of that began. This was a very special evening for us. Our room was filled with joy and laughter when I casually posed for him. His smile was huge (so was something else) as I stood there wearing only this yellow top. Will, this boobday is for YOU, sweetie!


Raven is a friend of mine on Instagram. She and her husband post the most beautiful, sensual photos and you should all go check them out. @RavensDesirexo

This was the first yellow thing I found. Plus everyone loves wet boobies, right?


Renee’s photo really blows me away and it’s what inspired me for May’s theme. So beautiful, delicate, and the yellow somehow brings a sense of innocence to the image. Just stunning.

The Captain says I will be tied up for a while :)


La Shonna’s open mouth, her breasts and tousled hair. Dear God this pic is sexy. Follow her at @sunshyne0915

I don’t wear yellow often. It does make me think of spring and of the wild flowers blooming. I fell in love with this pic.


I love the stoicism of this image, yet the curve of her naked hip and the outline of her breasts belie another story altogether. Zoe nailed it.

I like the sculptural feel of this image. I also like the way the details (and by “details”, I mostly mean “nipples”) show through when the silk scarf is pulled snug.


Molly’s eye is infallible. Daffodils, a puckered nipple, a creamy swell. I want to bend my head, close my eyes, and press close. To all of it.  And yes, it definitely made me smile. @MollysDailyKiss

I took this specially for your prompt and because you said you loved spring so I thought this might make you smile.


Anonymous Aussie personifies the theme this month. She’s painfully beautiful, vulnerable even in this photo. Just love it.

On my way home today, inspiration literally drifted down from above!
It’s autumn down under & the leaves are just beginning to turn a sunny, golden colour. Happy Boobday all!

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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9 thoughts on “Saturday, April 25th, is YELLOW Boobday!
  1. Lovely ladies!
    I love all of these pics, the golden leaves, the wet washcloth, the urgency in some, the teasing in others, the fun behind the post-it note and the warning tape, the very stern looking silk wrap…, though I must say I have a special fondness for Renee’s take on it. The picture is so clear and the vivid yellow against her pearly skin… Yum! Ok, the knots are quite appealing too ;-)
    I will also admit that my real aim for this month was to go along the lines of what Molly did, there are so many beautiful yellow flowers around at the moment. But time eluded me… so I resorted to an old photograph, but one I loved.
    Thank you Hy for hosting this. I love your bra. Or whatever you call it…
    And thank you for your very kind words.
    Dawn D recently posted…My sisterhood…My Profile

  2. wonderful job everyone on BOOB day posts they are all beautifully done. The yellows all stand out perfectly and everyone’s breasts are just lovely. I cannot wait to get to join in for the next prompt! School has taken a lot of my time for the past few months and I kept forgetting to do my poet with all I had going on but cannot wait to join this month!! GREAT job everyone

  3. Dawn – gorgeous, the exposed breast has a lovely curve and the closeup makes it seem somehow assertive, like a silent (and entirely justified) instruction to worship
    Hy – provocative and lovely
    Miss V (1) – there was no doubt in my mind that the “caution” was intended for the viewer
    Mz. Hyde – playful and naughty
    Miss V (2) – hotness
    Svannah (or is it Savannah?) – beautiful curves, love the nipples poking through!
    Raven – great beguiling expression
    Renee – delicate and intriguing
    La Shonna – the personification of sex
    Molly – beautiful, fresh and very spring-y
    Anon Aussie – really lovely, the lemony yellow leaves seem so fresh and somehow fitting for spring, even though it’s autumn where you are
    Sex Is My New Hobby (Zoë) recently posted…Sinful Sunday: strong and litheMy Profile

    1. Aw, thanks Zoë! I don’t know if I want anyone to worship my breasts, though… when you say it like this, it doesn’t sound all so bad ;-)
      Can I say that it took me a while to figure out whether you had lost an arm or… then I finally realised it was just holding the scarf ;-)
      Regardless, I found your picture absolutely lovely, very visually appealing (read artistic) and also loved the ‘details’, the nipples, but also the hint at the curve of your breast, at its fulness too… yes, inviting! :-)
      Dawn D recently posted…Thank you!My Profile

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