I learned to masturbate in the shower.

I had my first orgasm on the back of a horse at around the age of 12 or 13, but I can’t claim to know at that moment what was happening to my body.  I only knew I was gripping the saddle with my thighs, my stirrups were long so I could sit deeply, and I was driving this giant animal forward into my hands in order for him to do an extended trot.

My hips began to tingle and then it spread lower.  My trainer was yelling at me with her megaphone because as I lost control the horse was, too, and I was failing at the exercise.  I had no idea the pommel being ground into my mound was the culprit.

Fast forward a year and I was surreptitiously perusing the bible of all women’s books, Our Bodies, Ourselves, and discovered a chapter which included a woman’s discovery of water as a sexual toy.  She was 9 and would use a faulty sink faucet.  I had a detachable shower head massager in my bath.  It was a Eureka! moment.

That first time I stood in the shower stall holding the head to my crotch.  I didn’t know what I had down there or even really where anything was, but the sensation was immediate and profound.

I pushed my hips forward and closed my eyes.  The build was swift and complete in a minute.  It stayed in my legs and hips only and I immediately recognized it as what had happened to me on the horse months earlier.

I became a showerhead aficionado that day.

A shower became so much more; I came in there every chance I could get.  I even boldly came with a young lover in there many years later.

When I left home, I also left my shower massager behind.  It was a sad day.  But I’d sneak into my roommate’s bathroom and use hers when she wasn’t around until a friend told me of an ex who’d lay on her back beneath the tub faucet.  That got me through for years until I bought my own massager again.

By now my orgasms were explosive and blew out the top of my head.  I no longer stood primly with my feet together like that first time, but with legs spread wide and my back against the cold wall.  I came with many eyes on me, sometimes hands, sometimes a mouth.  I hadn’t met the Hitachi, yet.  Water was my only toy.  And the occasional horse.

My senior year in college I joined the equestrian team and early one morning while training I was in a two-point position, stirrups short, but legs in a new style of riding.  I perched above the pommel again and as my trainer yelled, “Yes, Hy!  Like that!  GOOD!” I came and came as I cantered in a circle on a giant-barreled steed.

Later that season, while competing in an equitation class, I began to cum on the long side of an arena and nearly fell off.  I won the blue ribbon that day.  For me, doing it right equaled the reward of orgasm.

It wasn’t until I was 25 that I got my first vibrator and things have never been the same since.  In fact, I think I’m going to see my old friend now, before David comes over tries to murder me with his giant cock.  See ya on the flip side!



Welcome to Masturbation Monday and Masturbation Month! So the prompt isn’t super steamy this week, but I have no doubt the stories that bloggers and writers will share will be. Go show them some love and help spread the word about Masturbation Monday! You and I know that masturbation is wonderful and delicious, but too many people think it’s bad or shameful. Let’s show people just how yummy and hawt it can be.

Masturbation Monday

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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15 thoughts on “I learned to masturbate in the shower.
    1. haha I also had a stint of manual stimulation, but it took so much longer than the water, so I just stuck with that lol I’ve always been a lazy orgasmer, apparently!

  1. Is this why so many girls and young women are obsessed with horses and unicorns? Ha. The first time I felt a jet of water against my vulva was sometime early on in middle school when I was walking /treading against a wall in a YMCA swimming pool; I was so incredulous at the good feeling from the jet that I started laying underneath my tub faucet in the bathtub at home every time I took a shower, like your friend’s ex. My house had limited hot water and I would use it all up masturbating! My parents and sister often yelled at me to hurry up and stop using all the water, and I always wondered if they knew…
    Jo recently posted…Question MarkMy Profile

  2. Since following your blog- I seem to masterbate quite often….actually-I learned ways to get off in public..haha my current lover reads your posts to me and soon we pull off the clothes, pull out the toys and..just wish you could join!
    Thanks for your help! Can repay you?

  3. Since you’re a squirter, I’m curious when you discovered that, in the context of learning about masturbation. In my experience, the women who squirt started doing so long after they became sexually active, either solo or with a partner.

    And I like that your new friend is named David :-)

  4. I am not going to write my whole story here, I’ll probably keep it for a MM post myself ;-)
    But I can say that I only discovered the joys of water about 2 years ago, in the bath. A shower head at the time wouldn’t, couldn’t have done anything for me, it was far too difficult for me to come, so to do it standing up and with gravity working against me and the water pressure, it just never happened.
    Now, since I discovered my body a bit more last year, I have started to enjoy my shower head much more, though it is still difficult from time to time…
    Dawn D recently posted…What are flaws?My Profile

  5. Sorry late posting here. Not as well composed as Hy but just wanted to share my story here too. I remember finding my mother’s “muscle massager” in her bottom dresser drawer. I would find time after school when my bother was at practice and mom at work I’d go in and lock the door. A few times when either the brother or my mom would come home earlier and it would be a scramble to put it back. I think she knew but never said a thing. Love you Ma! lol. I’ve also discovered the show and tub….a bit of water pressure can do amazing things. :)

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