I’m here, just quiet.

Hy in a hoodie

The waters are still now, nothing like those first few weeks of frenzied hunting when I gorged myself on men, on endless flavors of masculinity which paraded through my bedroom and skipped across my tongue like so many brightly colored jelly beans.

I had great sex with nice men and these days I’m venturing into what can only be called The World of Normal People: I had two dates with a guy, didn’t fuck him, and might actually still be interested.  I’m sorting out my feelings for him while mostly under other men.  I’m fickle like that.  I like the sour flavors the best.

Hy in a hoodie

The Neighbor and I are mending fences; I’ve let him go.  The ache in my gut is a faint shout, gone is the keening.  I miss him, I love him, I’m moving on.  It fucking sucks.

Time heals all wounds, it’s true, but I continue to search for my favorite bean somewhere in the pile of men.  I still think it’s him; I can’t seem to stop myself.

It really is quiet here.

Hy in a hoodie

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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10 thoughts on “I’m here, just quiet.
  1. Like an empty coffee cup waiting to be refreshed
    Anticipation builds that your words will return
    For the creative spark we’ve all come to enjoy
    Feeling your smile again is for what we yearn.

    The heart can lead us down such twisted paths
    It can even leave us lost in a desert of self doubt
    But if we pick up the pieces and move ahead
    We can lift our head and give a joyful shout.

    I miss your words and your posts, hope you can find that special place we have all come to enjoy. You are missed.

  2. Quiet over at mine, too. Prepping for leave, attempting to solve my insomnia, and remaining semi-functional are all I’ve got energy for.

    My Goodness, you are so lovely in those photos.
    Anisa recently posted…tearyMy Profile

  3. Hy, Gorgeous photos as usual. Love that you aren’t shy to show off. You are so clever and sexy in the way you reveal yourself. Do you come up with the poses on your own or do people suggest photos for you to take. Do you ever do revealing videos? I have seen your video on your Instagram. Keep well and know that before you know it someone will be lucky enough to make an impression on your heart and treat you with the love and admiration that you deserve.

    1. Hey Avner, I don’t do videos in general – just been dabbling on IG :) And thanks for the kind words. I just play around until I find a look I like!

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