Don’t do this.

Wanna get laid?  Don’t have a monologue with a woman and reveal your “emotions.”

Little backstory, this guy and I have not met.  He’s my age, has a Beemer (cuz he’s posed with it on Adult Friend Finder), and really, really wants to meet me.

I’ve explained to him multiple times that I am not free (Ann is loving on my dog as we speak after she helped me fold all my laundry – who’s the hostess with the mostest??), but he insists on nailing a day down.

And then he sends this:

This does not feel good, you guys.


These are the thoughts going through my mind.

I rarely do this kind of post, but seriously, people. I feel like this is a public service announcement: be reasonable, don’t cross the line, learn to recognize the line.

If I could teach a class on THE LINE I would.  You’d know how to flirt and tempt, challenge and attract.  You wouldn’t offend or turn off and you’d certainly never shut down the openness of a potential amour.

There’s a degree of natural talent to this, yes, but I think it’s mostly a skill that’s honed over time via trial and error.

Sadly, probably lots of error.  Lots and lots of error.

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15 thoughts on “Don’t do this.
    1. Exactly! “Emotions.” I could have predicted this; he’d been pushing his toes past the line all week. Lol I think I’ll post another one that’s pretty effing funny too from another man (who also happens to have the same first name).

  1. Oh Hy, your text, ‘are you drunk?’ Had me in stitches, his however had alarm bells ringing in my ears. To coin an old phrase, ‘don’t go there girlfriend!’

  2. There’s a rule of thumb that, on a date, each person should be talking roughly half the time. I think the same is true with texts and emails. Until you have a good measure of the other person, keep your side about the same length as their side. Eyeball it, or hell, copy and paste to a word processing program and do a word count. No monologues!
    Sex Is My New Hobby (Zoë) recently posted…why I post photos of myselfMy Profile

  3. Yikes! I’d run away in the other direction as fast as I can!
    This has co-dependent written all over it. Or worse.

    “The love, the tension we have built”
    He’s talking to himself. Is he delusional or seriously narcissistic?

    You are right. Enjoy Ann, and forget about this bloke, he’s not worth your time!
    Dawn D recently posted…New member of the communityMy Profile

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