Friday, June 26th, is JUICY Boobday!



Boobday is going to change a little starting next month.

1.  I will no longer host everyone’s pictures, but I will provide a system of entering your URL much like Sinful Sunday does. This means you’ll have to write a post and have it on your own blog with a link back to my main Boobday page including the badge (which is on my sidebar including its code).  I will leave the linky thing up for all of Friday, but will shut it down at the end of the day, so be sure to get your post up in a timely fashion.

2. I know that lots of you don’t have blogs, so I won’t leave you out to dry, but I will only post the first 3 images I get.  Also, I’ll need those images by Thursday.

3. Boobday will become a weekly meme again!  As soon as I have the widget installed I’ll let y’all know and we can start doing Boobday weekly as it should be!

4. No more themes!  I’ll still offer a prompt, but it won’t be the guiding force for your images.


The reasons I’m changing this up are that I get emails all the time from you lovely ladies saying how much you miss the weekly opportunity to share and I know that the themes often cause struggles.  I can’t devote the amount of time required to host all the images and sort through, edit, cut and paste and whatnot, though, so the link system will solve that labor issue for me.  I’m  hoping that it will be a finely tuned machine by the end of July.

Gimme a couple of weeks to sort out all the new rules, guidelines, etc.

Woot!  I’m excited about Boobday again!  Yay!

I’d asked Anisa of Thirteen Years In to be our featured blogger, but as many of you know she was busy birthing a beautiful new life.  So, in lieu of her own words, I’ll write a few of my own.

Anisa’s raw honesty and hard-hitting sexual prose is what I first noticed about her writing.  She was cracked open for all of us to see; all her faults, her wins, her hopes, her struggles were neatly set before us.  She began participating in Boobday — if my email research is correct — from Day 1, or very close to it.  Her photos have ranged from covered up to fully exposed and her curly hair sometimes makes an appearance resting on her shoulder.  We’ve watched over the past few months as her body has changed and she even gave us a peek at her milky tits last month.

I’m honored that she’s been such a big supporter of Boobday and all its participants.  Congrats again, my friend, on that perfect new baby!



Ok, so, without further ado, here are all the JUICY tits for this month.

My JUICY tits:

Hy in boy briefs.
All tits are juicy.


NOT my JUICY tits:

(Click pic for link.)

I, Hy, chose this image of Anisa’s because there’s nothing juicier than a woman on her back.


Anonymous Aussie knows what she’s doing. Damn.

I sent this pic to a very special friend that replied, ‘wow, don’t they look so ripe & juicy, just waiting to be plucked & sucked!’ That’s why I chose this pic for ‘juicy’.


Krystal’s boobs are, indeed, very juicy. (Click pic for link.)

Doesn’t get much JUICIER than soaking in my hot tub!


La Shonna has a giant, juicy piece of fruit on her.

Oh my …. Juicy. Like low hanging fruit. :o)


Dawn goes the distance for us, yet again. I bet there are lots of us who would like to be drinking some OJ right about now. (Click pic for link.)

Orange juice dripping down my breast. Who will come and lick me clean?


This is Adriana’s first submission and she’s going through a tough time. Please, show her some Boobday love, guys! (Click pic for link.)
It doesn’t fit the theme really…
it’s just boobs…. 
ZOE 062615 JUICY
Zoe’s breasts remind me of those beautiful champagne glasses from the 20’s. They’d fill them perfectly. (Click pic for link.)
As it happens, I think of myself as juicy all over – thighs, biceps, bottom, tum, and yes, breasts.
As it turns out, I think Beck’s image does fit the theme. (Click pic for link.)

Doesn’t really fit the theme, but I wanted to participate anyhow.


Kayla offers a suckle of her juicy juicy breast. (Click pic for link.)

Juicy like a peach.


KIM 062615 JUICY
Kim gets domestic for us.

A naked chef deserves a JUICY tip, don’t you think??


Mz. Hyde gets a little help with her juice.
Juicy Boobday. My first thought was to pour wine on myself. My second thought was to have help! I have so much fun with #Boobday!
xoxo Mz Hyde

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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13 thoughts on “Friday, June 26th, is JUICY Boobday!
  1. Awww, you are the sweetest thing. Well, the sweetest thing next to my gorgeous new peanut. Thank you for handling my submission for me and for those terribly kind words. xxoo
    anisa recently posted…and all is wellMy Profile

  2. I think for me, today, it’s a tie between Zoe and Adriana…
    Well done everyone though! Hy… I love the softness in this picture, made even softer by your pretty curls!

    As for the change… I totally understand why you need to do it, I do realise it is a lot of work for you to fit into your schedule. However, I’m afraid it probably won’t work for me. I’m not ready to post pictures on my blog, and let’s face it: considering I’m probably almost always the last one to send my pic in, there is no way I’ll be among the first three ;-)

    It’s Ok, I’ll still support it, from my little corner of the world :-)
    Dawn D recently posted…What can I do?My Profile

  3. Hi Hyacinth, all the pictures look so great but your pose is so open and honest and is incredibly sexy. Must take great courage from all of you display your photos and you all look so great. Keep up the great poses Hy, I’m looking forward to a video that is more NSFW than the ones on your great Instagram account. Take care and hope you are doing great.

  4. Lots of lusciousness, ladies! Thanks, John and Dawn D, for the compliments :-)

    I think the changes will be good. I know that the current structure means a lot of work for you, and I totally understand that you’d want to reclaim some of that time and energy. I certainly intend to continue participating, but I’m not sure whether I’ll manage a submission every week – I guess I’ll just have to see how it goes. When I first started doing Sinful Sunday, I found it odd that it was “self-serve”, but I’m used to it now and I like it.
    Sex Is My New Hobby (Zoë) recently posted…“juicy” BoobdayMy Profile

  5. Hey Hy, I too understand your need to make changes, I’ve been such a recluse lately I’ll just have to try a bit harder to make it! As always, ladies, beautiful pics, love your work & your boobs! .

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