I take sexy selfies.

I have a good eye.  I can find beauty in anything and any one.  The gnarled bark on a tree, the broken wing on the stiff little corpse of a cardinal, the age spots on my grandmother’s hands, the jut of an erection, the beautiful asymmetry of a face, the eery ascent of fungi on a log on my favorite trail.

Mostly, I have mastered the art of my own body, how to coax it to produce images beyond my wildest imagination.  I know how to take sexy selfies, not just selfies.  I embrace those things I once eschewed when I thought I had to look a certain way: the swell of my belly, the crease in my waist, my rounded arms and large, pendulous breasts.

With my good eye I see things differently.

Hy with her pants hanging off

The pliancy of flesh.

The curve of a muscle beneath flesh.

Hy with her pants hanging off.

The curious anticipation of hidden treasures.

Hy with her pants hanging off.

The idiosyncratic angles of joints which mark me as me.

Hy with her pants hanging off.

I know how to use light to my advantage, to let it spill in behind me like a wave.


Hy with her pants hanging off.

A good eye tells me when I arch *just so* that my friend, the light, will wrap around me like silk.

And a good eye tells me what you might see if you were on your knees before me.

Hy with her pants hanging off.

I hope you see it, too.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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16 thoughts on “I take sexy selfies.
  1. Hy, very interesting explanation about taking photos. For me, you have a sexy body because you look beautiful and your ideas for pictures are great but more important than the light or the angle is that you are a confident woman who puts herself out there. I like the photos when you are standing in front of the camera with nothing at all supporting your breasts and they are out there just the way they naturally sit on you. I like your videos on IG, have you ever considered NSFW. Also have you ever considered doing anything more than just showing yourself topless. I’m sure the rest of you is equally sexy. I’m assuming it is a conscious decision not to, just curious why. Sounds like you are in a good head space right now and getting happier everyday. Hope you find someone special and also that you continue the blog.

    1. Hi Avner! It is a conscious decision. 1) I never take pictures of my pussy for people. Only 3 men have ever received those pics. I reserve it for someone whom I can trust completely. The reason behind this is I feel like I could recover from a leaked photo of my breasts much easier than of my vulva; 2) Do you have any idea how hard it is to take a selfie ass pic?? haha Super hard. I don’t use the timer on my camera because I find the angles are harder to find if I’m not holding the phone in my hand.

      And don’t worry, the blog is here to stay…

  2. Seems like taking pics of you is like taking pics of the Grand Canyon or Manhattan island – point, click, and voila! a beautiful image.
    (Not to take away from your photography skills.)
    H.H. recently posted…Home EntertainmentMy Profile

  3. Sweetie,

    I wish I had the boldness that you possess and the mastery of selfies. Your lighting is always perfect! My selfies are always suspect, but then you have the body that serves your pics so well!

    You are gorgeous, Hy!

  4. Thanks for the quick response Hy, your answer makes perfect sense. I won’t expect any pictures like that but will hope that maybe I will be surprised in my inbox one day… Hahaha… In the meantime I will keep reading the blog and enjoying your writing and the pics and the occasional videos that you make. Keep feeling sexy and smiling

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