I’m Mrs. Robinson.

“People are coming” I whispered into his neck.  The two people and their dogs I’d spotted down the street continued to walk toward the two of us leaning against my car under the streetlight.  The thick night pressed in around us.

At 6 foot 4 he he stooped to hook his long fingers into me and straightened as he removed himself from between my legs.  I moaned a little.

As the dog walkers passed, he rolled me to the side and pressed my back against my car door and bent to kiss me again.  We’d been kissing for minutes on end and my neck was beginning to hurt, my feet cramp from lifting up to meet him, but it was magnificent.

He paused and I said, “What should I call you when I write about you in my diary?”

“You can call me Remington Steele,” he laughed, in reference to a lame character reference I’d made earlier in the night.  I had been surprised he’d even heard of the show.  Remington is only 24.

When we first met at the dive bar yesterday I wasn’t at all sure how our date would go.  He was trim and wore a button-down dark green shirt and had his sleeves rolled up to the elbow; he wore black sneakers and Ray-Bans and was quite dashing, but also obviously very, very young.  He’s also wickedly smart, but too busy for a girlfriend.  He wants something ongoing, fun, exploratory and respectful.

When he saw me walk in his eyes lit up and we hugged, got some drinks and began to chat.  His face cracked into a smile often and he was open and interesting.  This was his first date off of AFF.

I ran into a girlfriend and as we ordered beers at the bar she lowered her voice and whispered, “He’s awfully young, isn’t he, Hy?”  I laughed and shrugged.

“I’m totally your Mrs. Robinson, aren’t I?” I teased him when I returned to our table.

“Yeah, kinda.  I like older women,” he admitted.

He wants to be my pool boy and shyly shared that he wants to explore his submissive side which is why, out by my car in the dark with random passersby, I was so taken aback at his bold moves, his confidence.  He blew me away with his skill and expertise and each time he released my mouth I would lower to my heels and shake my head, dizzy with desire, not sure where to catalog this young man.

We’ve made a date for Friday afternoon where we can test out his pool boy skills.

Fifteen years between us… holy shit, what am I getting myself into??

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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18 thoughts on “I’m Mrs. Robinson.
  1. Damn woman. Jesus. Have you always been into younger gents? I cannot get into them no matter how hard I try.

    Hope he’s a good fuck ;)
    Just don’t fall for him or anything.

    1. Well, no, not particularly, but The Neighbor was 9 years younger and if you look at my list of lovers you’ll see I don’t really discriminate. 15 years my jr is by far the biggest gap, though! Eek!

    1. Wow, way to go demeaning the guy. How would this sound if the genders were switched: “yeh just don’t let her talk too much”. That would be quite disgusting.

      1. I’m not sure who you’re directing your comment towards, Bo, me or Vic Vista. Regardless, there is potential for his youthful inexperience in life to produce a spotlight on the different stages of life we’re in which will likely be comical. If it makes a difference to you, men 15 years older than me, in all their hardened wisdom, can do the same. And I would absolutely feel similarly about a younger woman in my bed. It’s just good fun, nothing more.

        1. It was directed to the original commenter.

          I appreciate the comical aspect and I know that men have a greater propensity to say cruel/nasty/demeaning things about women and that with such an age/experience gap that it is just a fling.

          I get that the comments are tongue in cheek, I just find the general tone of many of the comments in the thread to treat the guy as being disposable and solely as a sexual object. Which I don’t agree with for men or women.

          I don’t wish to derail your comments thread so I will leave it at that.

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