I’m dating too many men.


The last time i took a pic like this I was training for a fun run with him.

On my run this morning it occurred to me that I’m dating too many men.  Then, under an oak tree atop a picnic table I tried to name them all:

David is still in the picture, the Bad Texter, The Lawyer, Remington, Mr. Nerdy, the guy tonight, the guy tomorrow, another dude — no, two dudes who’ve been out of town, the guy who texted me that crazy shit the other night when Ann was here, another guy, another guy.

The other night I had to write down who and when this week and I still had 6 left over in the sidebar with no time to give.

Nameless, most of them, as I probably am to them.

I had a dream about The Neighbor two nights ago. His giant, turgid cock was all mine.  My hunt was over and he was going to be with me forever.  I was going to feel his fuzzy, muscular body jam into mine and I was going to die of bliss.

It was all a fantasy, even in the dream. He slipped through my fingers when he realized I was still in love with him.  I denied it, but had no proof.  “But look!” I’d shouted into space. “Look at all the other men I’m fucking!”

He could t believe me and so he faded away.

I awoke tortured and throbbing and then cried.

I’m dating too many men and not the right one.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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7 thoughts on “I’m dating too many men.
  1. I can sooo relate! I had one recently slip through my fingers too. Only I didn’t realize I was starting to love him until he decided it was getting too intense so he bailed. Has to travel the USA on his bike before he can even think of settling down. Yet that trip of his isn’t going to be happening until next year. He told me he was too afraid if he kept seeing me that he might not want to leave. He tells me he misses me now, but he won’t budge. Hurts like hell! And yes I have told him that I would support his need to go away, and I would, but to no avail.
    Joyce C. recently posted…Intoxicated…..My Profile

  2. Same here. Though not in the voracious way you are. Before April I had only fucked 2 guys in MY LIFE. Since then I’ve fucked like 4 so I’m out of control by my standards. All the wrong ones except maybe 1. I want it all. The kinks and the love.

  3. You know Hy, I do find this decision of yours to date too many men fascinating. Are you really feeling a connection with all of them?? I would think you must be because why waste your time with men you don’t feel a connection towards….Sounds like you got your own Bachelorette show going on…film the highlights! Haha! Anyways, we both know you are only going to find the right one by this search so the search must continue! Sorry, if this makes no sense…just wanted to right a quick thought…

    1. I totally get what you’re saying and I’ve felt like the Bachelorette, too!! And yes, I do feel connections! I’m very empathic and can connect to people really easily. It’s good sometimes, bad in others. I rarely have a date that doesn’t feel a connection with me, but then I feel a connection too. Maybe I’m not discriminating enough.

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