Friday, August 14th, is Boobday!

Well, that little celebration lasted a little longer than I expected.

Not feeling all that hot today – ugh – but check out these pretty titties.

Sorry for being so late today!  I should have done this Tuesday, the way my week’s been!



PS: I don’t know why these pics keep turning out upside down.  I’ve corrected the originals on all of them and they come out right-side up on my phone, but not on my laptop.  I can’t make heads or tails of it!  If anyone knows the solution, please email me so I can fix it!

Boobday Guidelines here.

My tits:

Hy hungover with the kitty
Stayed out way too late last night. At least I get some cuddles this morning.

NOT my tits:

KIM 081415
Kim’s jug looks like the perfect pillow.

Another nippy day in Africa.


TIGGS 081415
Another creative, gorgeous first-timer! Please welcome Twiglet, everyone! Tweet her at @100acresub.

I like how direct my boobs are in this pic. Pointing directly at you. Probably the opposite of curves but I like the upward line of my breasts in the glow of the electric fire.


KATE 181415
We’ve got a new fan of Boobday! And look at how lucky we are! Kate’s giving me serious bra envy.
Loved seeing my boobs for Boobday so much that I’m back with another submission.
Just sent this off to my hubby to make sure I’m in his thoughts! I think I will be. :)
ANN 081415
The ever glorious, Ann St. Vincent is playing along this week! I should tell you she also sent me pics with a lobster claw on her nipple, but I liked this bralet pic the best. Poor lobster!

These are my vacation jugs… Tan line from my new bikini (although my stomach isn’t that tanned yet) and a little help from a local delicacy ;)


Check out these other hot tits:

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5 thoughts on “Friday, August 14th, is Boobday!
  1. Quite the collection of ladies this week- thanks to all for playing along, its a pleasure to see all of them!

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