I met The Russian.

Hy after the Russian
As I gather my thoughts to write.

“I have to kiss you,” he said as he pulled me to him and crushed his mouth down onto mine.

I kissed him back and pressed my body against the length of his.  His arms wrapped around my waist like a straight jacket and our mouths locked and unlocked, nibbled and bit at soft, silky lips.

He released my body, for just a second, and I grabbed his face and held it to mine.  He kneaded my arms and shoulders and pulled me back into him and a little noise escaped me.  This kiss..

Finally we broke apart and looked at each other under the street lamp.  I blinked.  “So, that answers the chemistry question,” he said.

I felt mute, but agreed.  My head spun like a top.

“Don’t worry.  We’ll figure this out,” he said.  “I like this,” his big hand dragged lightly down the front of my dress and motioned to my body.  “And I really like this.”  Both hands traced my face and head.

We were no more than 30 feet down a residential street on our way to his car.  “So, will you walk me to my car?” he’d asked while Marian was in the restroom.  Of course I said yes.  The bar was closing in 20 minutes, we didn’t have long, but the couple of times Marian had gracefully given us a moment to ourselves there were unspoken messages flying between us, a foot casually hooked on the other’s calf, a sneaky sniff of a perfumed neck or broad chest.  We needed to be alone.

Marian winked at me as we’d left and when we crossed the street he took my hand.  I told him how good it felt to have my hand in his, how I typically don’t let a man touch me there.  I felt like making a reference to Vivian, the hooker with a heart of gold who doesn’t let her tricks kiss her on the mouth, but I felt too shy.  Holding his hand and admitting it was new to me felt like enough.

Moments later he was kissing me roughly on the sidewalk and saying those words and filling my every sense.

He took my hand again and we crossed the street to the darker side under a canopy of sleeping trees.  He pressed me against a trunk and slid his hand up my thigh, our kiss deep and passionate.  I kept my eye on the warmly lit windows over his shoulder and wondered if anyone could see us.

We kept walking, his fingers threaded through mine, our arms and bodies intermittently drawn back together to embrace.

Finally, we reached his car parked directly under a streetlight.  He came up behind me and held me close and kissed my neck.  I stumbled forward and leaned against the hood of his car and he pressed himself against me.  I saw headlights approaching.

Hy in striped cardi
He likes this.

“We can’t do this out here,” I said.

“You’re right, we can’t.”  We laughed at our homeless situation and got in the car.  I unbuttoned his jeans but couldn’t slip my hand in before he stopped me.

“Wait…” He looked confused.

“Are you turning down a blowjob?” I asked.

“No.  Yes.  Wait, I think I am.”  He explained that he’d told himself to wait until September.  “And besides, I want space to be with you.  I don’t want it like this in a car.”  I hadn’t thought anything through, but he was right.   We needed space.

“I’ll be back up for my birthday with Peyton the first weekend in September.  You can come over after bedtime and we can just hang out some more then and the weekend after that I’ll be back for Tina’s 30th birthday and I’ll peel off then and we can have some real alone time.”

He thought that sounded like a fine idea.

“I’m not used to this waiting,” I said and squirmed a little.  The light from above cast shadows on my bare legs and cleavage.

“I’m not either.”

He reached across and pulled my top down and my bare breast sprung free.  “Your nipples are amazing,” he breathed as his mouth locked on.  He sucked and nibbled and bright, exquisite pain shot through me.   I held his dark head to me and closed my eyes.

He drove me back to the bar and we kissed goodbye and I floated to Marian who was talking to a man in a plaid shirt and leather necklace.  Barbacks were flipping chairs upside down and people were noisily closing tabs, but I barely noticed.  I stood there as if in a daze while we got our car from the valets, the drive home was a dreamy recap of how the night had gone, and by the time I climbed the stairs to my guestroom all I could do was smell him all over me.

I texted him that I’d arrived safely like I’d promised and a picture of me smiling and disheveled.

This morning, in my pajamas and Marian’s cardigan, I’m still smiling and still covered in his scent.  Our first meeting went well.


Hy after The Russian in striped cardi
I imagined him watching me take these pics.
Sinful Sunday

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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37 thoughts on “I met The Russian.
  1. Wow, now that’s some great chemistry!! I love your photos too, very sexy indeed. Can’t wait to hear what happens at the next meeting(s) with the Russian! It’s good for you to have a little antisipation and waiting, makes you want/think about something other than TN. Very exciting stuff!

    1. I haven’t thought about TN in weeks. He doesn’t fit in my life and what I need and want anymore. You know what they say about closing chapters.

      And yes, fantastic chemistry with The Russian.

    1. I can’t stop smiling, that’s for sure. As for promising, I’m cautiously optimistic. What’s great about my current head space is it’s filled with light instead of dark; it’s a welcome change. xx Hy

  2. Great to hear that you are having a wonderful weekend, one which you very much deserve. This weekend should also help you overcome the feeling of being “quite forgettable,” as I don’t believe the Russian (or Marian) will forget your visit.

  3. Oh how happy I am to read this!
    I’m glad the chemistry is there, I’m glad there is a build-up looming. I’m sure anticipation can not be wrong.
    I do understand not wanting the constraints of a car for first getting acquainted with one another. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the thrills of doing naughty things in a car, but I also like being together, able to take once time to savour each other, to discover their geography, the history too, and all the signs that show you how best to play their body, how to dance the wonderful dance that two bodies can perform together when their souls connect.
    On a side note… I’m glad to read you haven’t thought of TN in weeks :-)
    I’m truly happy for you :-)
    Dawn D recently posted…The origin of the worldMy Profile

    1. I’m happy, too, dear Dawn. But now I’m back to real life and trying to figure it all out and running into TN as I live my life. I surely could do without that! :)

  4. You always get so many wonderful comments, and i always get here so late, that everything I want to say has already been said, but i’ll write anyway.

    1 – It’s sweet that he didn’t want the first time to be in a car.
    2 – Holding hands is wonderfully intimate and almost (almost) as good as a kiss.
    3 – Being patient enough to wait also meant being confident enough to wait, and that is very sexy.

    Now I have to go back and read what happened with Marian!!!
    advizor54 recently posted…Red: A Friday PostMy Profile

    1. I think you’re right on all 3 counts, though today, a few days later, the heart-pounding excitement has definitely faded a bit. I sure don’t get you dudes, though try as I might!

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