Friday, September 25th, is Boobday!


There’s a pile of glass by my front door and coffee grounds on my dining room floor (dropped a Mason jar of coffee — long story — and left the trash out and the dog had a field day).  I ran around yesterday from about 6 am to 10:30 pm on 4 hours of sleep without one minute to spare.  There was no way I could squeeze in Boobday before midnight.  I got home, peeled off my softball clothes and fell into bed.  I think I was asleep in about 5 seconds.

How time flies when you’re being catfished!  Yeah, you heard me right: CATFISHED!  I’ll write all about it later.  Oy vey!

Ok, time for titties!!



Boobday Guidelines here.  One of two ways to participate: 1) either be one of the first 3-4 people to submit a pic OR (OR, not AND) 2) submit a link below to your own blog post for Boobday.  And don’t forget to comment on everyone’s posts!  This is all about spreading the love!

My tits:

Hy getting clean.
Doesn’t everyone take a phone into the shower?


NOT my tits:

SANDY 092515
Sandy’s big, luscious jugs.

Had to lighten with photoshop. It’s a little grainy. I needed this distraction today.

KIM 092515
Kim took a break out of her busy day just for us and I’m glad she did.

Snapped a quick pic before going away…..hope I’m not too late.  Its a long weekend here in SA, therefore bra-free boobs :-)  Have a splendid weekend y’all xxx


LAUREN 092515
Meet Lauren, everyone!! It’s her FIRST EVER BOOB PIC! Not just Boobday, BOOB PIC. I’m honored that she chose Boobday to step out. And the pic is gorgeous: the lighting, the composition, the rumpled tank. Well done, Lauren!

I’ve never before taken a photo of my boobs before… and, as you can tell, I’m not [yet] very good at it! This is literally my very first attempt. But what the hell….!


Be sure to click on the links below and leave some comment love!:

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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16 thoughts on “Friday, September 25th, is Boobday!
  1. Dear 1st-Boobday-Lauren,

    What an absolutely beautiful breast!
    Thanks for sharing. X

    Dear Hy,

    Looking forward to the final Seattle story; hope that Catfish is a SEPARATE story..!
    And just cuz I’m pedantic and a fan of Constructive Feedback, while one might have a “soul reason”, one would more often have a “sole” reason! ??
    (Ref: Seattle / CL intro post)

  2. Beautiful as always ladies – thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – congratulations on your first submission, which is hopefully the first of many.

    Hy – hope you are okay and nothing else was destroyed in this act of vandalism.

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