Friday, October 23rd, is Boobday!


It was 2004 when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at 53.  She was lucky, though.  We all were.  They found it in Stage 1 and all she needed was radiation and a lumpectomy.  Her scar from the entire ordeal is, quite literally, tattooed on her breastbone.  Just one little dot of ink.

As many of you know, in the Western parts of the world October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so I’m going to dedicate today’s post to self-examination and awareness in general.

I’m also going to thank Modesty Ablaze because if it wasn’t for her, I’d have completely let October slip by just as I have other years without connecting the tattooed dots.

I also have extra special treats for you all this week.  First, a sweet anonymous friend from Instagram has agreed to participate and represent the smaller ladies!  I am so so so excited!  We big jugged ladies are far over-represented here than the littler ladies.  And second, we have one of the few and rare male submissions!

Thanks again for making Boobday a highlight of my week and I look forward to the Halloween themed tits next week!



Full Boobday Guidelines here.

One of two ways to participate: 1) either be one of the first 3-4 people to submit a pic OR (OR, not AND) 2) submit a link below to your own blog post for Boobday.  And don’t forget to comment on everyone’s posts!  This is all about spreading the love!

My tits:

Hy in the shower #?
I took this the other day.  If I weren’t lazy, I’d go find the old one I took in the shower and compare the two.  My mind’s eye says they’re identical.  Sorry for the repeat, y’all!

There’s a placard my mother gave me which hangs on the shower head with instructions on how to check for lumps.  I don’t check every time I’m in here, but it’s often enough.

NOT my tits:

IG FRIEND 102315
Look at my beautiful IG Friend! I told her her breasts would fit perfectly into a champagne glass.

Oh and I think I’m supposed to tell you why I’m sending you my boobs… hmmm… I love my boobs and I’m wanting to share small breasts to help you give more women confidence that tiny (and old) can still be sexy! I’m 47 now, but these boobs are 46! Lol!


SANDY 102315
Upside down or right side up, Sandy sizzles.

Sunny day boobs. Boy toy couldn’t meet. Had to remind him what he was missing.


KIM 102315
Kim is simply sensuous here.

Hubby thinks shot is perfect because it is not “posed for boobday”………I’m not convinced because I hate my tummy showing!


CHRIS DS 102315
Chris Ds is a new friend who contributes in the comments regularly. I’m including him because men also have breasts, whether they’re fleshy or not, and even they can develop cancer.

1) October is (in UK at least) “Breast Cancer Awareness” month – we MUST #SaveTheBreast! – and many are still unaware that men CAN ALSO get “breast cancer”..
((Men don’t have “boobs”, though some have “moobs” / “man-boobs”.))

2) in response to your post re body confidence, self esteem, etc, and our exchange of comments (incl Dawn D, today, thank you both), this – if you publish it – will be MY “very first” *publicly-published* image of my slender-body “breast” (& midriff).

Click the links below to see who else is participating!

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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28 thoughts on “Friday, October 23rd, is Boobday!
  1. My mother had breast cancer. My medical knowledge of it made that period very hard for me and I’m glad it wasn’t serious. I have a ribbon on my back to honor her survival so I’m a huge fan of this month.

    Beautiful boobies. Lovely to see a gent this week too!
    Cara Thereon recently posted…Taking in My Profile

  2. Well, thank you everyone for sharing your pictures (yes, including you Chris!). I just had a little scare the other day, so I’m very happy you are using such a great opportunity to bring awareness on breast cancer.
    As usual, I like everyone’s pictures, it is important to feel comfortable in one’s body, whether male or female.
    I want to say: No Kim, your tummy doesn’t show. It just looks soft and cuddly. No Chris, there is nothing wrong with your chest and mid-riff. And yes IG friend, your boobs are lovely! The other two ladies here already know how I feel about theirs I hope ;-) (Hy, could you be any sexier?)
    Dawn D recently posted…Two lies and a truth or two truths and a lie?My Profile

    1. Thankies, Dawn D – ah, yes, I know there’s nothing wrong.. ;)

      I’m just aware – as I allude to, in today’s post-reply – that there’s Work I can do, for my own health & fitness (and, hence, “hotness” – ha!). :D

      Found some inspiration at website
      Bony to Beastly, for us ectomorphs.
      They’ve made a women’s side too
      Bony to Bombshell :)

      Cheers, Dawn x

      1. Ha! There is always something we can do for our health and fitness… I know of many things that I need to do for mine. But as long as it is not done just for the ‘hotness’ factor :-)
        Ans when I said there was nothing wrong… I meant there was plenty right :-)
        Dawn D recently posted…What’s your name already?My Profile

  3. Yay for boob day & breast awareness this month. Welcome to the newcomers, I’m impressed with the idea of champagne boobies, love champagne & the boobs to go with it. Thanks for sharing Chris D, niiiiice pic! Kim, you’ve nothing to worry about, you look gorgeously womanly. Sandy, whoa baby! ;)
    Hy, divine as always, sexy, sexy tan lines! Thanks to all the participants this week, time to do a check on myself! xxxxx

  4. My Bonnie is a two time breast cancer survivor. She found the lumps through self-examination, and she, too, was fortunate that it was stage I. Thank you for your support for all those who have had to deal with this disease, The more women are made aware, the more women will survive.

    1. Amen for Awareness, Stan!
      I agree – and I felt October’s “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” was the perfect avenue under Hy’s fabulous “Boobday Friday” to have more Awareness.

      Hyacinth Jones, You Are Fabulous.
      And I LOVE that photo of you,
      Hot Body, baby!! ;) :D
      :* xxx

  5. LOVE your pic, Hy.
    You’re such a beautiful woman.
    Your curves are Glorious.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Dear Instagram Friend,
    “47”?!? O.o’
    That rockin’ bod looks 25! :D
    Plus, love your boobs – a tidy handful each.. Not sure, Hy, if flutes will take em, but I’m thinkin’ “a mouthful” – and when I think “mouthful”, I’m also thinkin’ how perfectly placed the tongue is then.. ;)

    ..and Thanks for doing a bit for Breast Cancer Awareness! How v fitting for Boobday. ;)

    Big Love to everyone out there.
    #SaveTheBreast xxx

        1. (Actually I *don’t* call coupes martini glasses – dunno why I was thinking martini glasses.. Maybe I was thinking of Dita von Teese..!)

      1. Haha..! I “remember” coupes from champagne pyramids, but never drank from any.. :p

        I’ve come to associate champers “only” with flutes! Which is what threw me about Hy’s comment.
        Just couldn’t figure out why (or how?!?) to shoehorn a boob into one! ROTFLMAO
        (Only imagine that’d huuuuurt!)

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