There is beauty in the differences.

Hy bent on bed

The thing I love most about a man are our differences.

His larger frame, its broadness.  A canopy under which I may take refuge.

His muscles are hard and heavy.  A distinct counter point to the suppleness of my own.

The hair scattered about his body softly scrapes against me like long beach grasses.

His beard marks my soft face like a gentle slap.

His sweat is salty mixed with earthy scents: cedarwood, bay rum, bergamot, and black pepper.

His cock the pole on which I impale my softness is the hardest of all, a totem of his man-ness.  His strange and different musculature, his jawline, and Adam’s apple.

All of this foreign being is wrapped in skin not unlike my own, possibly a different shade, but warm and throbbing all the same.  Filled with the same color blood, the same color passion.

His lips are pliable just like mine; tasty.

His voice catches as I press him to his limits, touch him just so.

His climax grows and breaks upon the shore with a crash and simmer that I know all too well.

The shaking of his limbs, the tremble, match my own as we feverishly slam against one another, our destination marked and nearing.

The thing I love most about a man are our similarities.

Hy mesing with the timer

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42 thoughts on “There is beauty in the differences.
  1. Yes, yes, yes…. and their hands, the shape and strength in them, and their voices, that deeper tone and the growl…. and your images this week are simply breathtaking. The top one in particular is such a powerful picture with the lines broken up with the curves of your frame

    Molly recently posted…She’s a RainbowMy Profile

  2. Now THAT is some good writing! Beautiful words and beautiful choice of pics to accompany them. Such a talented woman, Hy.

  3. I love they way you’ve described “a man” – they are wonderful creatures – your photos too are terribly sexy.
    BMN x

  4. These are amazingly wonderful photos. I love your words, and I love the last shot especially. There is something almost surreal about the composition and that striped blanket.
    Mariasibylla recently posted…ButterflyMy Profile

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