I wash it away.

Hy's favorite: morning 1

I am one of those people who wake up happy; I love the morning.  Cardinals sing from the little forest outside my bedroom window, the cat’s whiskers vibrate against the window screen, the dog presses his warm body against my legs.  It is a pale, breathless moment filled with potential.

And I am cleansed for it, renewed.

The dissolute acts from the night before are washed from my skin, though my sheets may still bear the iniquitous proof of my debauchery.  The morning light purifies, it forgives, it says, Hey there, little lady.  Go do it again.

And so I do.

Hy's favorite: morning 3


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19 thoughts on “I wash it away.
  1. As a general rule I am not a morning person…. I take a while to wake up and clear my head but it is easier when the sunlight is calling me, sadly in the UK, that is not as often as I would like….. and as for the debauchery i find the best way to get going is to have a little bit of it before getting up

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  2. I love the mornings when they are bright and sunny, there is something about feeling the sun against your skin to make you feel refreshed.

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