Friday, May 27th, is Boobday!


And ohhhhh what a special Boobday it is!!

I am beyond excited to share what happened after the last session of the weekend for EroticonLive: a little group boobage!

I can’t claim it was my idea — because it totally wasn’t — but I can thank the effervescent Molly for making it happen.  She’d mentioned it a day or two earlier about the two of us taking a pic together and I was open to it, but then basically immediately forgot all about it due to the overwhelming and beautiful weekend.

So imagine my surprise when she waltzed in to the room I was in and said, “Ok, Hy.  Let’s take a picture!” and Livvy, Rachel, Eye, Honey, Rebel, and Monika were right behind her smiling.

I was thinking of how we’d do this.  Seven sets of tits are a feat.  Do we leave our clothes on?  Will it be just cleavage?  How would we stand?  I walked around the room and raised all the curtains thinking about what to do while Molly opened a window or two to let in some cool air.  When I turned around all six women were completely topless, smiling and chatting and waiting for direction.

Ok! I thought.  So this is what we’re doing!

Molly had the idea of a line of breasts so we did that.  Then Monika suggested the circle.  Molly pointed out that she was much too short to get an aerial view so Livvy said, “We could kneel.”  And so we did.  Synergy, I tell you!  Boooooob synergy!

I’ve included my two favorite photos and little quotes from some as to why they decided to play along.

Surprisingly (for me) I’m writing this at 8 pm the night before it’s due up because I’m jet lagged as all fuck and need to sleep pronto.  I may update the post tomorrow as I hear from more of the ladies, so be patient with me.  I also have a stupidly busy work day tomorrow (of course).

I love you all with all my dissolute heart: the readers, the participants, and the women whose gorgeous breasts I saw with my own eyes and hugged just a few days ago.  Thank you thank you thank you as always for helping me showcase beauty in all shapes and sizes.  I couldn’t do it without you.



Full Boobday Guidelines here.

One of two ways to participate: 1) either submit a pic to me via email ( OR 2) submit a link below to your own blog post for Boobday.  And don’t forget to comment on everyone’s posts!  This is all about spreading the love!

My tits (and more!):

Hy and friends for Boobday
All I see is warmth.
Hy and friends for Boobday 2
All I see is beauty.

Rebel – Why did I do this? Because it’s liberating to be with like-minded people, to be able to just be who I am – essentially a shy exhibitionist :)

Molly – How could I not want to take pictures of such a beautiful group of women who were all joyful and happy about sharing their boobs.The whole thing made me feel warm and fuzzy and I feel very honoured to have been the photographer.

Eye – I jumped at the chance because I have always been so shy about my body and believed that it wasn’t particularly beautiful.  I think the look of pride and joy on my face says it all though, I am happy to be more adventurous and less shy.

Livvy – … there was no doubt that I was going to join in when asked. It was just so much fun and I couldn’t miss the chance to take a photo with so many beautiful women. It was completely in the spirit of Eroticon and the most perfect way to spend an afternoon!

Honey – Why did I do it? I did it because I love getting naked and the opportunity was absolutely joyful. The buzz of community, fun, celebration and togetherness was intoxicating and totally won over any concern that my boobs and body would be a let down compared to everyone else’s. I was happy to hand over the creative control of the image to the boob loving Molly.

NOT my tits:

This is Cindi's first Boobday pic ever. Say Hi!
This is Rose Bliss’ first Boobday pic ever. Say Hi!

This is the first time I’ve ever sent a picture in. I chose this one because it’s the first one I’ve actually liked. I am 65 and this all is still pretty new to me, but better late than never, right?


Sandy has some news!
Sandy has some news!

Someone was collared yesterday!!!


Hands on Kate's breast. Lots of hands.
Hands on Kate’s breast. Lots of hands.

My boob, my hand and his hand!

Happy Boobday everyone. :)

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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17 thoughts on “Friday, May 27th, is Boobday!
  1. It seems we have exactly the same favorites, Hy. I’ve posted the images on my site too and direct people back to this post for more information. Being in that circle was just brilliant. The energy in that room was just unbelievable!

    Rose, fabulous that you’re joining in with Boobday! Like you say, better late than never and it’s a lovely image!

    Congratulations on the collaring, Sandy!

    Great image, Kate :)

    Rebel xox
    Marie Rebelle recently posted…The Round Table of BoobsMy Profile

    1. Thank you for your comments, Molly and Rebel. It is such an honor to be on this site with the many women whose blogs I follow and whom I consider Goddesses!! I’ve learned so much from all of you. I am very envious of those who are able to meet one another and do a “circle of tits”. It’s a very moving and powerful image.


  2. I am so proud of these images, they really were a collective work of fabulous models and ideas coming together to create something magical.

    Rosa – Go you, fabulous boobs and I hope this is the first of many images from you

    Great boobday week everyone

    Molly recently posted…KaleidoboobsMy Profile

  3. Such a beautiful image, a circle of beauty indeed. Thanks for sharing to all the ladies & a very warm, late but never too late welcome to Rose. Hy, I promise to get my act together for next week. ?

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