I am marked.

I am marked by so many things.

The sun in my freckles and time in my wrinkles.

Life in my curves and the aches in my body.

The wind that dances in my hair and across my skin, the rumble of purrs against my palm and the licks on my calves.

By men in my heart and my parents on my soul.

Sour, salty, sweet and bitter.  Umami on my tongue.

I am marked by my child, a scoring on my existence, and the moon in my eyes when I open them at night.

I am a canvas, once blank, but forever tattooed.

If I hold still long enough, you’ll see for yourself.

Hy and her marks
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15 thoughts on “I am marked.
  1. I don’t have words to express exactly what I’m feeling right now – only that I identify strongly with your words, as I imagine we all do; we all have scars that can’t be seen hidden among the ones that can. It’s a gorgeous photo – they always are!
    Jo recently posted…InvitationMy Profile

  2. This is beautiful. I can so identify with the words and I find everything about this sensual, sexy and very erotic. I think our marks are what make us, well, us, and that is very very sexy

    Molly recently posted…A Leg UpMy Profile

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