Friday, March 17th, is Boobday!


I’m actually crafting this week’s Boobday on Thursday morning.  There are 3 strange men in my house currently setting up some furniture for me (can’t beat a couch that won’t hurt my back anymore and a bed that won’t scream when I move in it for $25/mo).

I’m still not feeling “well.”  Physically my back has been in utter agony for a couple of months.  It’s not new, but the increase in pain is.  I’ve joined a new gym that opens in a few weeks and in the mean time I’m doing Pilates like a mad woman to strengthen my core.  But that aside, I’m just down in general and I may or may not write about it (it’s possible I’ll write about it next so that means this post will be old news).

In any case, I am dedicated to hosting this space and that won’t be going away even if I do recede a bit from the rest.

I love you all.


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My tits:


NOT my tits:

This is just a resplendent view of Sandy.

For the boy toy while he’s away


I forgot to post this last week for Meredith, but I think it’s more fitting for today with the green. Lovin’ the orb-y glow.


Kate, in true Irish spirit, shows us her clovers.


Kim is getting a little nipply.

Temperature is dropping in this part of the world ?

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6 thoughts on “Friday, March 17th, is Boobday!
  1. I really sympathize when it comes to a bad back. I have had problems, but they were the lay on a heating pad and be careful not to get burned kind. Then I found out my little car had a defective airbag and the dealer had no parts. Maybe not for sic months. I found out about the airbag by researching it myself and I was the first to arrive at the dealership at eight in the morning with the problem. They were not thrilled to see me as they couldn’t do anything but let me drive away in a new car with twenty miles on it. It was a coupe in black and was very low and very nice and made me wish for youth. I had carte blanch (so) to go everywhere without limits. I only had to show it to them every thirty days. I didn’t go on a big trip. The seats were very low as the side window were about a foot high and the roof almost touched my head. After three months they fixed my airbag and I had to take the coupe back. THAT IS WHEN I DISCOVERED that I couldn’t get out of the coupe and wound up hanging onto the door. The pain was real bad. They helped me get into my car and I drove to the pharmacy and bought a cane. I didn’t really know how to use it, but it got me back to my car. I went to the Reumatologist and started in to a long drawn out series of imaging tests, shot of steroids and pain pills. Real pain pills. The kind you keep the prescription in your pocket so you can prove they are yours. I ask the Rheumatologist what could be done and he said that sometimes surgery helped (HELP!), but usually not. Medication was my choice (or maybe death). I ask if I would be getting better as in good as new. NO I WOULDN’T. I am better, but I must be careful and prop myself up with pillows and pad the car seat and not drive over about fifty miles. For a couple of months it was really awful and then I did improve, but every once in a while I feel a sharp pain like a knife to the right of L-4 or L-5 and I stop what I am doing like I have been flash frozen because that is the preliminary to the big melt down. Go to the Rhumatologist and go EASY. Take your pills and don’t let anyone tell you that they would never take a pain pill no matter what. They lie. Also, be careful not to get burnt on the heating pad. Because I have other medication that conflicts with nonsteroidalantinflamatories (Long word, bad speller) I take God’s gift to those in pain. The non-steroidal stuff works well if you keep on it and don’t miss doses. It’s not like morphine, but with morphine you get some extras that you don’t really want. Stack up the pillows and keep your back as straight as possible. Don’t Indian wrestle.

    1. It sounds like you have low back pain. This is very common at the L2/L3 junction, just above where the spine is fused solid. It is the last point of spinal flex before the pelvis, so is most at risk.
      I had mine ‘go’ a few years back, but anything could have set it off such as a car or aircraft seat, poor bed, moving heavy things while bent over etc. I had the ‘pregnant duck walk’ where you walk without moving your hips. Very obvious once you know it.
      The doctor gave me the usual line in exercise, weight, ‘come back in a week’ etc etc. After a couple of days of pain I looked up chiropractors and osteopaths. I got lucky. The first one I called was an excellent chiropractor. He explained that chiropractors treat the area of the problem, osteopaths seem to treat the whole spine – very scary!
      After checking X-rays, he discovered some thigh/pelvis joint scarring from a fall. This was treated and after about 6 visits I was cured.
      I have sent about 25 people to him in subsequent years; he fixed or improved all except one. The most spectacular cure was a friend that had not been able to move his head side to side for 15 years! I still don’t know how he drove – he even had to use middle cinema seats.
      My chiro’s pain-killer guidance was to use an anti-inflammatory at night to help sleep (ibuprofen etc – NSAIDS). Obviously, more pain will require more meds.
      He gave exercises to help the back, core strength etc.
      In general, he strongly advises against surgery unless you have tried every other option.
      Find one on recommendation. My treatment needed to be quite physical to reduce the scarring, so a female was not appropriate for me. Avoid any that claim to treat illnesses such as Asthma. They are from the pseudo-science quack branch!
      Also, I would be wary of discussing chiropractors with your doctor, unless you know he approves of them or even recommends them. In general, they don’t like others treating you and may even refuse to treat you further. Also, because it is not a mainstream medical treatment, you may have to pay the whole cost, as I did. IMHO, well worth it.

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