It happened three times this week.

Three different times, three different men texted to tell me they could not keep their commitment to meeting with me.

Two gave me a couple of hours notice.  One gave me minutes to inform me he was painfully tired and could only have a couple of drinks.  I told Mr. Young we could skip it and he took the option.

If you need a man to leave you alone, just call me.  Let me at him for a week or two and he’ll never bother you again.

I promise.

Just call me Man DDT.

I walked to my favorite bar after I got my bra back from Mr. Young. Wasn’t gonna waste a shower.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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10 thoughts on “It happened three times this week.
  1. The hard part is… you’ve got to stop thinking this is because of you. This is because they weren’t not well matched to you, because he was (really) too tired, or whatever else his fucking reason was…

    Just don’t let your brain tell you this is because of you, Nothing you did wrong. You were the recipient of shitty behaviour, but it’s not like you did anything to lead it on. So please, try and stop telling yourself that you’re to blame, that something is faulty with you.
    You are NOT men DDT.

    Anyhow… hugs, bg hugs Hy!

  2. Dear Hyacinth,

    I feel badly for you. Being shoved aside hurts.

    There is one sort of bright spot in having these guys bow out of their commitment. You weren’t asking them for anything and in fact they were asking you. At least they told you some sort of true or not true reason that they couldn’t make the date. At least they didn’t leave you with nothing from them at all in the way of correspondence. Then not show up and never answer your call.

    I’ll tell you an embarrassing page from my life. There was someone I liked for many years. She had moved to a distant city. I guess that I would say that we had a shallow friendship, but I wanted to revive it. For about three years things were pretty good. We were more pen pals than anything as she lived so far away. I did see her once in a while. Then she stopped writing. I switched to real letters as I knew they wouldn’t be sent to wherever email goes when people don’t respond. I cut the amount down to a more friend like level. I didn’t ask anything. I didn’t get anything either. Now I am sad as I have to know that I have known for a long time that I am beating a Dead Horse.

    It is not my way to leave things unfinished. It would only take two or three sentences to dump me. Better late than never. I am afraid that to never deal with unpleasant things is only her style. It in I who will have to change.


  3. Obviously their loss. Since they hadn’t met you, they are the problem, have the problem, not you. Not worth wasting your time with men like these. Buck up.

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