I have a boyfriend.

Kind of.

His name is Faisal.

He’s got four legs and a tail and actually “he” is three.

Three four-legged, furry, needy, loving, demanding, individual, pains in the ass who are always happy to see me. Even the cats.

They cuddle around me on cold nights and stretch long and lean like pelts laid out in the warm summer heat.

They give about as good as they get, which is to say a lot and nothing.

I feed and care for them, provide them with my body on which to lay and adventures for the dog and loving indifference for the cats.  They in turn withhold any longstanding urge to murder me and lick my face off.

I cannot imagine my life without them and their ceaseless demands for care and attention.

Sometimes I think they are the only things on the planet who care where I am and if I am alive because who else is going to feed them?

But more importantly, how else will they center their universe without me as their sun?

Shut up. I know there are a lot more suns than just me, but let me bask in this idea that to them I am integral to their happiness.

If only I knew a Faisal on two legs.

I’m never actually alone.


Sinful Sunday

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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7 thoughts on “I have a boyfriend.
  1. I was so excited … and then excited again, because pet love is beautiful and pure and your spirit is so warm and nurturing I’m sure their love for you is far beyond just being the hand that feeds them.

  2. Dear Hy,

    I truly love all the animals I had and have. Right now we have a nine year old Tuxedo Cat and his companion a three year old Mask and Mantle Cat. They are both black and white and the Mask and Mantle is a variation on the white to black progression that looks like ‘The Executioner’. His muzzle is white and the stripe of white extends up between his eyes. The black on his head wraps around the front covering his eyes looking ominously hood like. The mantel is a black blanket down the back of the neck and over the back and down the sides. Like a cloak. There are eleven variations from white to black including one called the ‘Cow Cat’. Big patches of random black and white. All of this takes only three genes. Tonight they will stick close to us as the gunfire is about to start. The Fourth of July and New Years are very loud with fireworks and a lot of shooting. It is the kind of night to sleep in a cast iron bathtub.

    Please, please will 2018 be a less anxious year than 2017.


    PS Enjoy your new dog and don’t forget to give the cats the attention they are used to getting. Three years old and the peak of his powers.

  3. I’m sitting on the couch with my tux boy on my right and my tortie on the arm of the couch and my little dog mate lying in the exact spot where I’d need to put my feet if I dared to stand up and move…
    My tortie sleeps on the bed and it is her who gives me the look when I get my toys out. Then she goes down the end of the bed and curls up with her back to me.
    Happy 2018 to you and your fur kids from me and my fur kids
    Indie x

  4. I sometimes miss having a dog but mostly not, I like not having to worry if I want to go away for a night or be out late etc but I hated the time we had without a cat. Michael would happily have no pets but I can’t image a home without a cat, they are the most aloof and yet oddly lovely animals ever and I lover them for that.

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