Is it really only Tuesday?

I’ve had to work while recovering from the flu and Peyton came down with a fever last night and threw up this morning. I’m driving all over town shuttling my baby between home and my parents since my ex would rather not get sick and he’ll be traveling Wednesday through Friday and I refuse to let his awful wife play nurse to my baby.

So… it’s up to me to dig in – along with my mom, stepdad, sister (who is recovering from strep) and her three kids (some of whom who are also recovering from various ailments such as strep and a staff infection).

But how blessed am I that when they realized it was either have Pey stay with them all day while I worked or have her play nurse they both said, “OH GOD NO. PEY STAYS WITH US.”

Mom did the doctor visit today, stepdad did the pharmacy run, and they had a quarantined section of the house just for their little patient replete with a TV, vibrating bed and ice chips.

I’ll be back in the morning bright and early. Dear God, is this week over yet??

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2 thoughts on “Is it really only Tuesday?
  1. Kudo’s to you Hy for reaching out to family. A lot of folks would just tough it out. It’s good to have a support system. Take care and get well soon.

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