No cell phone.

Around 11 pm last night I lay in bed looking at my Hy email.  I had some business to attend, clicked a link to download a required app, and *POOF* the screen went blueish-black.

I clicked a button or two, tried to reset it.  Ok… hard reset then.  Ooh!  Ok, white screen with the black apple, here we go!  Nope.  Blueish-black screen again.  Goddamnit.

My phone had never done this before and it had given no warning.  I opened my laptop and started Googling and troubleshooted until 2:30 in the morning.

Multiple hard reset/reboots/restarts/rewhatevers later and still nothing.

I got up and set the digital clock on my dresser for 6:01 am and tried to calm my whirring mind.  How would anyone get a hold of me?  How would I do my job?  I texted my mom and sister, but because mom is on a stupid Samsung still from her political protest of Tim Cook donating money to some Republican back in 2016, the texts kept getting rejected.

I iMessaged my sister instead and asked her to tell mom my situation in the morning, opened Netflix, and clicked on Chopped.  One round in to the episode I noticed my battery was low.

I got up again, my eyes burning with fatigue, and rummaged in my computer bag.  Fuck.  I’d left the power cord at the office.  I distinctly remember thinking, “I won’t be on my computer much tonight,” and leaving it behind.  What an idiot I was.

I shuffled back to bed, tucked the body pillow between my thighs and hazily watched the chefs try to create something edible with beef kidneys, pickled cockerels, papaya, and beets.  The battery died the very moment the 3 chefs threw their hands up in the air as time ran out.

“Ran out,” indeed.

How much more of a reminder did I need at how dependent I was on my devices??

So this morning I awoke to NPR Morning Edition’s Rachel Martin and David Greene (who I have just discovered is disturbingly hot) and clawed my way out from under my pillowy comforter.

I iMessaged my ex and some other iPhone friends with whom I keep regular contact (I’m looking at you, Ann) and a couple Galaxy users, but they were kicked back just like my mom’s confirming the limitations of my current situation.

In my frustration and worry in the wee hours of this Valentine’s Day about how I’d maintain contact to the roiling hive that is social media I was struck by just how tenuous those connections are.  I have some people in my life whom I speak with on a very regular basis that I can only reach through my phone – Instagram DMs, KIK, Snapchat – and I have no easy way of notifying them (though I did with two ladies lest they think I died because that’s how consistent our connections are via social media).

Then I worried about February Photo Fest.  How would I post the pics I’d taken without access to my phone??  VSCO Cam, my primary editing app, hosts 2 dozen pics I hadn’t yet downloaded to my library.  How will I get to them?  I don’t remember what my password is and I never “signed up” with them.  All my passwords are kept on a Note… on my phone.

This whole thing will hopefully have a happy ending because I recently backed everything up on my laptop.  The Note will be restored, my photos, all the Galaxy and Android texts sent my way while I was unplugged.  Whatever else I’m not even considering right now that I may be missing because of lack of access.

I still haven’t heard from my mother about the message my sister sent her this morning, but I am going to rely on her extensive life experience not relying on a smart phone to show up on time tonight.  Our fancy Valentine’s Day dinner at a downtown restaurant is important!

My exhusband has magnanimously offered me his backup phone while I await my appointment at the Genius Bar tomorrow afternoon, so all too soon I’ll have a little skeleton crew phone back.  I kinda wish I could just burn it and rely on a landline again like it was 1995.

However, it’s 20-fucking-18 and I have responsibilities to keep so, luckily for me, I had already sent myself one extra photo I picked just for February Photo Fest.


Whew.  That was close.



February Photofest

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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10 thoughts on “No cell phone.
  1. My home is out of range so I only use a simple cell phone when I am at work or on the road. The sound quality is questionable on a good day and they are notoriously unreliable, yet everyone seem to rely on them anyway. Even smoke signals are a sure thing compared to the cellular network.
    Jono recently posted…SheilaMy Profile

  2. I got my first smartphone a little over two years ago after a trip to Cuba. Loads of people there had smartphones, which I knew because they didn’t have cellular data and would congregate outside a building, within reach of its wifi. I figured that if I was behind the times in relation to Cuba, it was time to get on with it!

    I simply don’t have the energy for much social media: I’m on Twitter but I don’t say much these days; I blog little and comment rarely (and only from my laptop); and have pretty much abandoned Facebook (where my vanilla connections are). If my phone died, I think only one person would notice!
    Zoë recently posted…NYE with Rosa: a coming-out storyMy Profile

  3. My life is on my phone so I’m panicking by proxy. I’m not yet to the half way point of life with cell/life without cell, but I know I’m dependent upon it to get things done. I’m hoping you manage to get that straightened out.
    Cara Thereon recently posted…Gypsy TravelerMy Profile

  4. I switched from a Samsung to an IPhone last year, I opened an ICloud account and back my phone up at least once a month. Good luck going forward and love the silhouette of your sexy body.

  5. It’s amazing, as sometimes we don’t want to be so connected, that we feel so disconnected/panicked when we lose the connection!

  6. How weird as my phone did something similar this week. Every time I went to IG it would melt down and in the end it resorted to rebooting in safe mode. I hope you get your back up and running soon

    Molly recently posted…Search the ShadowsMy Profile

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