Now I’m sick, too.

This posting every day thing is kind of hilarious.  Quite the “day in the life of…” sort of thing.

Well, last night at a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner with my parents and my child I sneezed and sniffled my way through dinner thinking it was only allergies.  I woke up this morning knowing it was much more than that.

I dragged my ass out of bed and took Pey to school, came home and went right back to bed.  My ex texted about the loaner phone he’d left and I realized I needed it to call the doctor.  It took me 3 hours to get it able to make a call.  Fucking technology.

I made an appointment for tonight at 7:10, fucked around with the phone for a couple more hours, had a conference call at 1, napped some more then did the school, chiro, and Apple Genius run.

The chiro ran late, which made me miss my Genius appointment, which had me stuck at the mall an extra 30 minutes.  While I was waiting my turn the clinic called to tell me my doctor had gotten sick and couldn’t see me.  So now I have an appointment in the morning.

Found out my phone is dead-dead, not just fixable-dead, and ran out of the mall late to Pey’s extracurricular activity which meant changing – and eating a burger – in the car before we got to our destination.

Ran back home, rested for a couple of hours and did the kid pick up run only to find out my poor baby was in a foul ass mood so I had a sour-faced child yelling at me as shower, homework, and bed came upon us.

And now I’m doing February Photo Fest and setting up Boobday.  I feel like a ghost and a rock star.

I’m also giving myself a gold star because sometimes us adults need one.


So sexy.


February Photofest

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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