I’m gonna write every day in June. Care to join me?

I know there are all sorts of month-long meme things throughout the year – NaNoWriMo is the big writing one I know of and of course there’s Molly’s wonderful FebPhotoFest for pics – but I thought I’d give myself a little challenge this June and post something every day.

It won’t matter what it is.  It could be just a pic with some words, or lots of words, fiction (if I ever dared to even try), but mostly I want to get back in the habit.  I miss it.

I also want to invite all of you to do the same just for shits and grins, as those from the south like to say.

I’ll put a link at the bottom of every post so you may join up if you want and feel free to start at any point during the month.  Or not!  I’m gonna make this as easy as possible.

Also, you can link up all your other meme posts that you do to count as a writing day.  Literally there are no “rules” to this other than trying to write every day simply because you can and want to.

I hope to get nice and cozy with all of you in June!





A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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26 thoughts on “I’m gonna write every day in June. Care to join me?
  1. Hi My Hy!
    June sounds like a perfect month for a literary comeback! I miss writing and I especially miss you and my blog buddies. I’m in. ?

  2. I will try to join you in the task, it’s good to have to write a blog, and if it’s about anything then my mind can go haywire xx

  3. Well, I’m in. I *know* that a blog post doesn’t have to be long or even have words to “count” but I don’t blog as often as I’d like to because I think what I want to say is too short or not worth the time or effort. I’m calling BS on myself. Thanks for the no-pressure inspiration. ?

    1. And totally agreed! I suffer from the same affliction! It’s one of the reasons I love FebPhotoFest, it really gets me out of my head and onto the blog and that takes a whole lot more effort than just posting *anything*.

  4. Well hell, I’m all about a challenge. This is a nifty idea. I need to get myself writing consistently again as well. I’m in (though a day late, since I only just saw this this morning!) Good on you for giving us all a kick start!

  5. When life is complicated, it’s because we complicate it ourselves.
    To make it easier, simply decide to make it easier and to do it.

  6. I think you are OK on this assignation. My departed mother would have said. “All good things come to those who wait”. I think in your case she would have been right. Not too fast now! Let it mature a bit! I sound like I am coaching the catching of a Bass. You know what I mean and doubtlessly know just how it is done.


    PS Someday MY bass will come.

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