Friday, September 28th, is Boobday!

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What a day.  The Christine Blasey Ford/Brett Kavanaugh hearing had me in tears from 9 am until, well, I haven’t stopped crying since.  I’ll probably cry for fucking ever.

My soul hurt listening to her raw, emotional story and I raged when I heard his indignant, shit-talking, how-dare-you-accuse-me-I-got-good-grades bullshit.  But I am so proud of her – unbelievably proud.  I could never do what she did.

Not because I’m not that brave but because I’m a “bad victim.”  I’m promiscuous, I drink, I’ve done drugs, I was there willingly until I wasn’t.  My double life would be discovered, I might lose my child because my ex-husband hates me, I would definitely lose my career.

And so I cried for all of that and I cried because I was reminded that none of my assaults could have ever been heard or believed.  My perpetrators would all have walked, indignant just like Kavanaugh, at having been bothered to defend himself and he’d be seen and I’d stay invisible except for my bad character.

I know it’s a done deal – his appointment – but I’m hopeful this moment impacts us all for the better one way or the other.

In the mean time, I am proud to host my little power-corner for women who wear agency all over every inch of her body.  No one here is in charge of us, but us.  We say what, when, where, how and why.  Every day, week and year.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing up here with me.

Love you all as always.

Tearfully yours,




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12 thoughts on “Friday, September 28th, is Boobday!
  1. I could feel the pain behind your words and I have a similar story but you are not bad or heinous the perpetrators are. Never loose sight of the fact you were the victim. The rest is just you trying to survive in a cruel world. I am appalled how so many people get away with such demeaning crime. Dry those tears and know at least one person understands how you are feeling. I also know this doesn’t do much but I felt compelled to comment. kitten <3

    1. So sorry.

      It happened to me once and I was on the dark side of twenty years old. Someone who was masquerading as a friend BLACKMAILED ME. Not for what I had or what I did, but for what I would lose if I were to refuse.

      It has been almost fifty years. One never forgets. For years I wondered what to call it, but now I know.


  2. You may not want to publish this. Rather political. Rant from a distant stranger etc etc. Totally understandable.

    I know you don’t want politics, but…

    Your comments about the bravery of Christine Blasey Ford ring so many big bells. I have not heard the detail yet as I was travelling yesterday, but I have so much support and sympathy. Her GoFundMe is a great cause. When I pitched in she had $80,000 of $150,000 target, Today she has $473,622.

    We all know why Kavanaugh is there – he wants a high paid job for life, his $200,000 gambling(?) debts have magically disappeared, he has been groomed from birth for this sort of gig, the GOP probably have a lot of Kompromat on him for ‘encouragement’ and ‘guidance’. Just like with Justice Kennedy?

    We know why the GOP want him there – very right wing, ‘flexible’, overturn of Roe v Wade, has publicly stated POTUS ‘cannot be impeached’ (unless you are a Democrat President like Bill Clinton for a consensual BJ), and what may be an important double jeopardy case just next month – hence some, but not all, of the rush.

    Why is she, and at least 2, 3, 4 others, there? Moral outrage at what this shit, and all the other shits like him, have done over the years. Personal outrage at what they did to her. Civic duty to protect the US, and the world, from yet another right wing coup and at least another 2 years of grifting, gerrymandering and court stuffing. What does she get out of it? Only bad stuff – death threats, maybe a ruined career, having to move home or country, her family at huge risk from the frothing, demented ‘base’.

    Like you, I fear the vote will anoint the golden slime ball Kavanaugh. Another example of just how self-serving politics has become. How cowardly the GOP committee members, all lawyers, were who would not stand up and question an academic – they had to bring a hatchet job woman over 2,000 miles to keep their soft hands clean. One with a glowing record from the office of Trump’s best buddy, the racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Possibly like you, I hope GOP reap their rewards and get creamed in the midterms and 2020, along with anybody else found guilty of messing with Russians or ripping the country or individuals off. Yes, GO SDNY! GO MUELLER!

    Your comments about how you, personally, suffer the double standards of white males in power are so true. You have done nothing to hurt others, you have not cheated or lied, you and your gang have not repeatedly taken sexually advantage of drunk people (unless they wanted you to). You just happen to enjoy sex and don’t have a fixed partner. Yet you have to cover up your personal preferences to protect almost all of your life. Double standards, much.

  3. Like you, Dr. Ford has been a teary trigger for me. I believe her. I also believe that Karma is a bitch and she is here today for Judge Kavanaugh. Even if he weasels his way onto the Supreme Court, the women in his family will never feel the same way about him. They believe Dr. Ford. #IBelieveHer

  4. My wife and I have been married for over forty years. I never pry into her life before me. In fact, I try not to pry. I told her that I wanted to ask her something about her life BP ( before Phil ). She knows that she doesn’t have to comply with me ‘period’. I ask her if anything like Dr. Ford’s assault had ever happened to her. “Yes, twice by the older brothers of my friends”. Sad to say, but I wasn’t surprised.


    PS The radio says that it is time to burn the house down. I’ll send this before I find out what happened. The high road or the low road?

  5. Was I censored?


    PS By know you should all know how I feel. Maybe you should all store some canned food and toilet paper.

  6. I never ask my wife about her life before me. She has gone on about some things, but I know there are many things I have never heard about. She and I have been married for over forty years and I ask her if I could ask a question concerning her life before me. “Yes”. I ask if it had ever happened to her. An obvious though risky question on my part. Without a pause she said “Yes, twice.” ” The older brothers of my friends.” I was not surprised. It is sad.


    PS GOD DAMN. Maybe there is a God!

  7. I hear you! And I believe you.

    I have been crying for the past two days. Her experience was horrible. His indignant entitled rant made me physically sick.

    It brings up all sorts of emotional gut reactions.

  8. On Friday the 28th of 2018 I heard a reading of Ms. Sweatnick’s (sp) Deposition. You can hear it to. Unedited and accurate as half a brick upside the head. There is a Radio station in LA called KPFK 90.7 FM. They have an archive and I heard the reading of the Deposition on Friday the 28th at a little after four in the afternoon. The name of the program is ‘THIS IS HAPPENING’ and it is about ten minutes in. Just go to the archives and listen.

    It is one of the ugliest truths I ever heard. It would be easy to try and minimize it, but I went to High School and some College and this really happens. A lot.

    I have not a single doubt.


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