Friday, October 12th, is Boobday!

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This week has been wonderful.  Pey is home with me and in my arms and my Whole30 “cleanse” appears to be helping with my pain by reducing some inflammation.  I think I need to face it: I can’t live on bread and cheese and wine.  What a travesty.  But being able to get out of bed without crying out in pain is worth what feels like a sacrifice.

Yesterday the weather cooled off and as it cooled, my spirits lifted.  I cannot stand the oppressive heat here.  It suffocates me and I feel flattened, trapped.  The first whiff of fall and I am floating along in the street.  It makes my fantasies of moving to England spike and I open my OKC location parameters to the entire world.

Happy Boobday!!

Love you all.




Not sure what the little bruises are except maybe from my fat cat making biscuits on me.

Panicked that he was late returning to work, Peter got dressed so quickly he left his underwear behind this afternoon.  His loss, my gain!

NOT my tits:

Sandy resplendent.

Just one.

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