This ain’t gonna be easy.

I’m at Ground Zero for my new life project, Dating Like It’s 1995, and already I am feeling the burn.

I recently met a hot, sassy fella on Fetlife.  He’s 15 years my junior and just moved from another state.  Like, on Friday.  He’s never subbed before, but I am attracted to his energy and his cheeky sense of humor and confidence, so we agreed to meet up Friday for drinks.

I hadn’t heard from him since I wrote my post this morning until about 15 minutes ago, so that’s about 4 hours of life in 1995.  If I thought staying on track was going to be hard on my end, articulating my desires to others may prove even more difficult.

Exhibit A:

And I gotta be honest. It’s kind of a bummer that I have no emails to look forward to on FL now that we’re texting lol

Lol whys that?

I hate texting… but I’m using it like IM right now, so it’s bearable

You enjoyed looking at my dick everytime I txt u?

Because emails mean you have given or are getting 100% of someone’s attention. With true texting (not IMing) you get only a fraction. People are at stop lights, between meetings, on the toilet, etc lol

Ha No

I hardly noticed it once we started talking

Lol needy much?

I must just be all.over you huh




Oh my loving don’t you worry

I gtg tho my phone is dying and I need it fpr my car registration

And no, please don’t be all over me. I just prefer communicating with someone with all of my attention and getting all of someone else’s. No distractions. Like in 1995 (were you born yet? lol). Full convos, etc.

K – have fun

What have I gotten myself into???  Maybe it’ll just be easier to live on a mountain top with my Hitachi and an occasional foray to a Navy port city.

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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11 thoughts on “This ain’t gonna be easy.
    1. I’d do a flip phone except I. We’d a smart phone for my work. It sucks! But maybe o get a flip phone just for dating?? Hahaha can you imagine? I think I’d come off a bit crazy in that case lol

  1. I love this idea! But, yep… this concept will be interesting to say the least, unless you incorporate Ann’s ideas. On a sidenote: this post was hilarious… new category? Dating Like it’s 1995 – The B Sides.

  2. I think you have a great idea but maybe just tweak it a little…do the texting thing until your first date or maybe even second date. Then on the second date, tell him why you want to go back to 95 and if it’s the right guy for you, he will understand

  3. Dear Hy,

    Hello again! It’s been…. a long time.

    I’ve not delved into Dissolute in aaaaages (UK life happenings and busy-ness, etc), so I’ve been doing some catch-up reading, incl TN’s moving near you.. >_< .. the D/s stuff, and the long-haired tall slim dude .. and this new '95 thang. :D

    (Oh gosh, I forgot what "name" I was using up in here.. Huh.)

    In any case, reading this guy's responses in your text-exchange makes me feel .. somewhat uncomfortable.. Like, can't explain it, but to me it seems there's a bit of a red flag in his cockiness, and maybe even some level of disrespect. Can't quite peg it to put into words, at the mo…
    (So I'll just leave that there, and hope I'm wrong, cuz .. context, or lack thereof..?)

    When I read the bit about your ex going on "another"(?) holiday w/ his wife, I couldn't help but think this:

    If he emails / texts you to arrange re Pey for whenever he needs to be away like this, then you've got a "paper trail" (don't you?), to "prove" to any court about at least SOME of his comings and goings, and using Economy rates as a starting point, might establish what monies are being spent elsewhere, IFF not enough is being sent your way to support Pey…
    — and I'm catching myself, cuz NONE of this is any of my business. Sorry.
    But now I'm too honest to delete my thoughts. So you're getting them raw.

    In any case, I hope *that side of things* is actually of little or no concern and/or not an "issue".

    I've just typed "best movie of 1995" to try and jog my memory of that year, get a "feel" for it…
    Just scrolled across Google's string of movie title tiles..

    What one (or few) 1995 films (or elements therein) might you most closely "identify with", in your '95 feelings re life, or love, or dating, or all of the above? :)

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