I’m still kickin’.

But barely.  In blog terms, that is.  I’ve been considering a lot lately that maybe my time as Hy is coming to an end, at least the version of Hy that I have been.  The voracious eater of men and writer of posts.

I’m tired of running Boobday, I’m tired of feeling bad all the time for not being a good blogging friend, I’m tired of not having anything to say that seems sexy or interesting.

This has happened to me before with my old mommy blog, the one I poured myself into as a stay at home mom with a baby and eventually a toddler, but felt all wrong once I left my husband and my “SAHM” status was no more.  I struggled with it for about a year, limping along, barely writing anything except gut wrenching posts about missing my baby every day and my fear for the future.

Before I moved out I started my first sex blog, though I didn’t know that’s what it was called.  I just started writing the way I write about my sex life, my new sex life.  And then I started another one. And then I finally started this one on WordPress and everything changed.  Everything.

My life, my loves, my very being was now free to be whatever and whomever I pleased.  Seven years on I feel like I have nothing to share anymore and even better, no need to share it.  I have my tribe; I’m not alone anymore.

Despite my apathy, I’m looking forward to February Photo Fest and then Eroticon and to the Smut Marathon.  I am and always will be a writer and an exhibitionist, after all, and I’m a consummate extrovert to boot, so all of those things embody me to a tee.

And look, I’m even too lazy (and rushed) to link to all the things in this first round draft.  I’ll circle back around later and link up.

Anyway, just my two cents to say I’m still here.  Mostly.


A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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7 thoughts on “I’m still kickin’.
  1. Whatever your decision will be met with sadness but life goes on. Blogging is tough and as a working professional I’m sure it’s alot worse for you. Maybe Hy as we know her will be re-incarnated as someone else in the future.

  2. You do what is good for YOU.
    Forget about being a good blogging friend, forget about writing sexy things.
    Do what you feel you need, right now. For yourself!
    That’s the only thing that counts! You only live once, right?
    Hugs and kisses Hy.

  3. I find myself thinking a lot about change. Change is always hard unless you don’t realize it is happening. The only thing I have to say, being much closer to the end of my life than the beginning, is don’t wait. To really profit from change you may need some time. Time to enjoy being sooner than later. Also, have patience. Good things may also need some time to be apparent.


    PS This I can tell you for SURE, don’t spend six hours plus on Facebook with imaginary friends and DON’T spend the other four hours reading shitty Guts and Gore Detective novels!!!

  4. Hy, it’s perfect. I haven’t read my emails for months and here you checked in too.
    I used to read your every post. Mostly reading now.
    So, so long. Take care of yourself. You have my email if you miss me! ?
    Dawnie ?

  5. I liked this post because I have enjoyed your writing and honesty about what goes on with you. Boobday was a great read every week, yet the effort to keep it going did seem wearing on you. I will miss your posts. You will continue in some other venue for sure. WordPress was a great layout for your thoughts and needs. Best of luck.

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