Happy VD.

I felt a wave of sadness tonight at dinner with my family.

That I wasn’t being adored and lusted after by my man. That my outfit was for me and no one else. That no one gave two shits if I felt that kind of special.

Then I slipped the waitress my card and made my parents feel a regular special instead.

Maybe someday it’ll be my turn to feel any kind of special.


February Photofest

A 40-something single mother who writes honestly about sex, body image, D/s, relationships, her nervous tics, and how much she loves to fucking fuck. She also likes to show you her tits.

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3 thoughts on “Happy VD.
  1. You are special to me Hyacinth, really special, and even spatial so your inner life is fertile and diversified. I know your deep culture and your rich emotions. And then there’s your body so desirable that I like it very much.
    I have always dreamed (I told you a long time ago) of a meeting with you, for a beautiful intellectual and cultural exchange, but also carnal and sexual. I still dream of it.
    I think of you often. I read you all the time and I still remember the many setbacks that Hy caused to Hyacinth and I was saddened to see you sometimes sad or even lost.
    I often say that I love you on Insta, but that’s the truth, I have a lot of feelings for you.

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