The Neighbor moved away. Again.

I’d noticed this week that his car wasn’t around in the mornings or at night.  I thought maybe he’d started going to the gym again or perhaps he’d found a lady friend.  But this morning, as I struggled to feel natural below his third-story balcony in the dog park I braved a glance up and instantly noticed something was different.

All the blinds in his windows were pulled up, a closet door was left open, and most telling of all, all the black and white patio furniture was gone.

The moving truck I’d driven by on Friday and seen him walking towards all sweaty and hefty was his after all.  I’d considered it, but quickly dismissed it.  It’s only been 9 months since he moved in, after all, but there it is: he’s gone.


And hopefully for fucking ever.

I’d like to think my note had something to do with it.  Or running into me all those times the last few months.  Or maybe my “HBD” written in spit on his dirty window the day before his birthday because I was so sick and tired of the bullshit.  You wanna move back next door?  Fine.  Happy fucking birthday, asshole.

Of course I doubt any of those things – save for possibly my initial note – had any effect on him.  If he was caught off guard by it I can only blame his lack of due diligence.  I mean, if it were me and I was planning on moving into the building next to an ex of mine I’d have done a little work to make sure he was gone.

In any case, I am finally free.


Except now I’m worried he’s going to show up in my next complex come fall…


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6 thoughts on “The Neighbor moved away. Again.
  1. “I am finally free.” Nobrac wonders if nature really does abhor a vacuum. I think ‘The Neighbor’ is with you forever no matter where you try to hide. GOTN may have opened the book to a possible way out. Somewhere you really can be free. COMPERSION. I think it may be a newly minted word which means the opposite of jealousy. You may well inform me that you are NOT jealous! I have a hard time believing that plain old ANGER would still be holding on. Regardless, Compersion and some therapy might really make it possible for you to be “FINALLY FREE”. This is serious. Going through one’s life while grinding one’s teeth may be hard to ditch, but it sure would be WONDERFUL to really be able to let ‘The Neighbor,’ and doubtless other things, GO. Really let them go.

    Don’t worry too much about what kind of therapy….Compersion can be a verb.

    1. 1. Compersion is not a newly minted term
      2. Compersion is not the opposite of jealousy, they are not mutually exclusive
      3. How dare you tell someone what is or isn’t shackled to them and what course to take.

      1. Well Violet. How did I dare? I just displayed my ignorance and hit ‘post comment’. While I might be ignorant and even stupid, my heart is in the right place when it comes to Hyacinth getting the neighbor out of her head! He has been there for years. It appears that he causes her nothing but grief. If she doesn’t wish him out of her head…..Well, she is a grown up so she can keep him if she wants.


        PS I did read up a little on ‘compersion’. The definition did say ‘the opposite of jealous’. Since you know what it means, it would serve me to read your definition. With gratitude.

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