I think I have a blog-post hangover.

I’ve forgotten how to take pictures, too.

I feel exposed after I shared yesterday. Apparently, blogging is not like riding a bike.

It’s more like riding a bike, while naked, and possibly with a very, very small bicycle seat.

On a busy NY street.

On New Year’s Eve.

It’s down right awful.

And exhilarating.

February Photofest

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2 thoughts on “I think I have a blog-post hangover.
  1. As someone who helps people buy bicycles… I always ask the same questions… Have you been on a bicycle in a while? If not I warn them that when you have not ridden in a while there is a saddle break in period. I tell them depending on how much they lean in to pedal, the more break in time it requires… as a saddle does not actually break in, but your saddle area does the breaking in… I tell them you may feel some pain… there are two types of pain… the first is the most common… a bruising. It may not hurt till the next day, but you will feel it when you are on or off the bike. Getting back on will hurt for a bit, but lesson the more you ride. That is normal. That area is small and basically in no other place in your life do you sit there… so it is normal. It should go away if you ride consistantly after about a week or two… the second one is different… it is a tearing or sharp pain… like a sore… that is because that area gets soft and does not get the friction, moisture or heat that cycling may cause… I tell them to make sure they keep clean, put lots of lube up in that area… and maybe use padded shorts… as if left alone will get infected… This is a real thing… but also a metaphor for life!

  2. I feel ya – I’ve been on a back-and-forth trajectory with my blog(s) all year as well. Precipitated by different things than your hiatus, but the “oh god am I really doing this again? Oh yeah I’m REALLY doing this again,” feeling is there too. It’s both painful and…yes, exhilarating.

    I, for one, am glad to see you back on my computer screen.
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