The last time I went to England I fucked Peter the Swedish bartender. I wonder what will happen this time?

In late spring of 1999 I flew to Heathrow International Airport and took one of those funny, old-fashioned looking taxis to meet up with my family at some flat my father had rented.  It was above a pub (everything seemed to have a pub below it) and within mere hours of close proximity to everyone […]

Friday, April 12th, is Boobday!

Late.  Again.  Big surprise! I’ve been in a super funk all week.  I even bought a pack of smokes, which I have done only twice before in the past 4 years.  So that should tell you something about my mental state. Lemme just give a quick update and I’ll fill in the gaps later: Rich […]

Life imitating art.

“Mm… I love being with you,” he said as he wrapped his arms around my naked body and pulled me closer to his. “You’re so curvy and soft,” he kissed my hairline and stroked my hair while his other hand slid along my exposed hip and buttock, “and I could just pet you forever and […]

Spending time in pink.

I have spent a lovely afternoon and early evening in the arms of Peter.  His long, long limbs entwined with mine.  Soft, beautiful words falling all over my everything like snowflakes on flower petals on a comet tail. Now I know how pink feels.

This is how you lose me and this is how you get me.

Good sex cannot be underestimated.  Its positive effects, its impact on the spirit, its sparkly-ness.  Good sex is like a good meal: memorable in its fleetingness, but much appreciated, and the last time I had good sex was with Peter, probably the day his boss caught us.  It’s been a long fucking time – no […]

I’m fucked up.

My own stupidity and resistance to growth astounds me sometimes.  I see the fork in the road, which side is the right thing to do, and yet I still choose the other. Very basically it goes something like this: This guy really pisses me off.  I should have nothing to do with him.  But wow, […]

You won’t believe this.

It would appear that The Neighbor has some interesting ideas about how life is done. :: On a Wednesday evening in January of 2015 – after 3 tumultuous, passionate, empty years together – my boyfriend came over to spend the night as usual and instead asked for a break.  Two weeks later he ended things […]

Friday, October 26th, is Boobday!

I have a post I want to write called “2.66666” (you’ll see why later), but I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  Pey’s extracurricular activities have had me so goddamned busy it’s nuts. Plus I’ve gotten way more baby-time because my ex went on another vacation with his wife […]

Friday, October 19th, is Boobday!

Nice, long and lazy day today.  My post earlier this week wiped me out and I’ve just been getting through the days.  Not unhappily, just livin’.  You know how that goes.  Doing the adult thing. Peter has texted his excitement about Saturday.  We’ll have hours and hours together.  I’m going into it with an eye […]

I didn’t mean to write this.

I’ve written at least half of another post about Peter.  His impishness, his deliciousness, his joyous energy.  I started it yesterday morning and pecked away at it throughout my day even as he and I reconnected after a weekend of typical silence. For weeks now, like clock work, we have come together.  Once, occasionally twice […]