I met The Russian.

“I have to kiss you,” he said as he pulled me to him and crushed his mouth down onto mine. I kissed him back and pressed my body against the length of his.  His arms wrapped around my waist like a straight jacket and our mouths locked and unlocked, nibbled and bit at soft, silky […]

I need a pot roast recipe.

“Hy, I just can’t do this whole blog/you thing.” It’s a sentence Rex hasn’t said, but I’ve heard before. I told The Russian I was Hy, we met, he got distant, I struggled to understand the new energy, he called to say he couldn’t handle it and, frankly, didn’t want to sign up for any […]

The hurt is like bad cologne.

I wrote yesterday that it’s been nearly a month and a half since I last spoke to him.  Every day past the month mark is uncharted territory, a new scar on my heart. So, tonight, I visited a profile of his I stumbled upon online some time this summer.  He’d written it when we were […]

I’m scared of meeting strangers for sex.

But I answered a Craigslist ad anyway. The reasons I don’t meet men with the soul intent to fuck are threefold. Initially, it intimidates the fuck out of me.  If I show up and he thinks I’m a sure thing then I have no wiggle room to gracefully exit stage left.  There might be a […]

He doesn’t want to date me.

The Russian called me last night.  I missed the call initially because I’d fallen asleep watching the cringe-inducing Iron Chef America.  “Who doesn’t fall asleep during that one?” he quipped when I called him back. His voice was sweet to my ears, but I was tense.  It’d been a strange two weeks of texting between […]

Friday, August 21st, is Boobday!

Boobday marks the end to another busy week.  I’ve been Feeling all the feelings: happy, horny, confused, excited, stressed, angry, frustrated, focused, optimistic, ambitious, brave, fearful, horny.  Oh wait… Basically, I’ve been feeling alive and I’ve been thinking a lot.  It’s a good thing and I feel good. Please enjoy this week’s offerings and be […]

Hy is back in Noodle-country.

Half a day in a car whose AC decided to crap out half way there has landed me on the doorstep of my sweet Noodle, drenched in sweat and hot as hell. I’ll not give away what’s happened so far, but we both agree it’s Penthouse Letter worthy thus far and I’ve only been here […]

I’m feeling shy.

I’ve been writing all week, but unable to get anything I’m satisfied with down on the page.  It’s not writer’s block.  It’s a quagmire of thoughts and an inability to figure out what I want to say and how I want to say it.  I feel shy and a little repressed. My Instagram continues to […]

He’s shy.

I stared at his cock.  The tip, only a sliver of edge viewable above the bottom of a lavender dress shirt, glistened.  The shadow cast on thin fabric denoted the helmet, his hand gripped the base of the shaft.  It looked mighty and throbbing. My hand holding the phone shook a little as I continued […]

I broke my biggest rule: I told someone about my secret sex blog

I’ve been agonizing over what to say here all day.  I woke up on the couch at 6 am, fully clothed, slightly hungover and surrounded by slumbering animals.  My first thought was, Holy fuck. I walked into my room, took off all my clothes, and climbed into bed. – Holy shit. I checked my phone.  […]