Friday, January 13th, is Boobday!

Such a wonderfully busy week; I haven’t had a minute to spare and Thursday I spent in a fog recovering.  I have two stories to share — one with Franklin and one with another fella, Martin — and more general thoughts about my new pursuits.  N. Likes also helped me with my OKCupid profile and […]

Having feelings really puts a damper on casual sex.

Ok, that’s not exactly true.  Having feelings for someone other than the one you’re casually fucking sucks. I eat, sleep, and shit Luke these days; he’s literally all I can think about. We text and send video messages all day throughout a day as we juggle our respective responsibilities.  I cum listening to videos of […]

I might be too hard.

The script was the same, yet different. I sat on his lap, naked and spent, resting in the cradle of his big arms. He stood and turned and gently lay me down on the crisp hotel bedding. I promptly fell into a demi-sleep, drunk off the $350 bottle of wine we’d split and the dozen […]


Go to the sex category for the pervy stuff.  Not all posts here contain explicit sexual content, but a lot do.  If I mention someone in a post, I put it here.  Sometimes.  I’m not really all that organized, though the Virgo in me demands at least a semblance of it. All names are pseudonyms […]