My houseboy does the dishes for me.

We laid in the dark, my birthday-Hitachi switched off beside me, Faisal purred on his chest.  “Thank you, Hy, for dinner tonight.  It was absolutely delicious.” I rolled over, still in my orgasm hug, and kissed him full on his bearded mouth. “Thank you for letting me cook for you.”  We smiled at each other […]

TN is my houseboy.

Six weeks after giving birth, my baby was round as a seal pup on my fat-laden breastmilk and the result was a massive, roll-covered infant.  Adorable, yes?  Convenient, no. Silly, naive me didn’t think twice about my body and what it’d been through pushing a baby out of it, so when I bent over the […]

I write a loving tribute to my houseboy.

You said you didn’t want me to ask Downstairs Neighbor to vacuum, you’d do it. You didn’t say when, but I knew you would keep your word. I put on my new white linen night shorts and a men’s Hanes tank-top, see-though and delicious on my heavy breasts. I can’t figure out if you’ve seen […]

I have a houseboy.

He was going to vacuum my entire apartment wearing my black lace panties. I stood him in front of my dresser and laid out three pair, reached around from behind him and grasped his giant cock in my hand. “I’m going to let your cock pick which pair it wants to wear, like one of […]

Being assertive: How domination has taught me to stick up for myself in the vanilla world

The journey towards myself has been a journey of equal measure away from others.  Away from The Neighbor, away from my exhusband, away from my mother and father.  What do I need?  What do I want?  Who am I within those constructs?? As a woman I have been raised to acquiesce, to be demure, dainty, […]

I whispered “I love you.”

This is about three nights, not one. Three nights that held significant blows, sweet reparations, and hair pulling frustrations; bondage and spankings; cleaning and scrubbing; apologies from both; admissions I wished I’d never heard; strawberry fields forever. Day One: He was my houseboy. He wore my gun-metal grey boy shorts — which I find hilariously […]


Begins: Nov 30th, 2011 I date men I could have babysitted | I am fucking my neighbor | I fuck and laugh and cry | I’m freaking out | I accidentally take screen shots | I suck at Scrabble, but rock at sobbing | I’m beautiful in firelight | There’s something wrong with me | […]

Fuck Your Neighbor

A How To Guide to Fucking Your Neighbor (This was originally written 5/2012.) The #2 search result for my blog is “fucking my neighbor, ” and my date last night, Roy, pontificated over $250 worth of sushi with me on the whole neighbor-fucking concept. He said love happens due to proximity, nothing else. I listened […]