Hy is back in Noodle-country.

Half a day in a car whose AC decided to crap out half way there has landed me on the doorstep of my sweet Noodle, drenched in sweat and hot as hell. I’ll not give away what’s happened so far, but we both agree it’s Penthouse Letter worthy thus far and I’ve only been here […]

I prep for a sex party with Noodle.

Sex party. Friends. Wine. Love. Kisses and cuddles. Debauched shit.

Noodle and I are gonna give The Neighbor a double blowjob.

Ok, not really. Read on, friends. It’ll make sense in a minute, I promise. Boundaries are something I’m chewing on. Sometimes I have good ones, like, for example I turned down a possible foursome and a for-sure fucking with Kevin last night — he always complains I’m too athletic of a lover. I don’t have […]

It’s been 12 weeks and a day.

I have so much to say because it’s been 12 weeks and 1 day since I last wrote something here.  I’ve missed it and I’ve not missed it.  It’s in me, always, a ticker-tape of thoughts and plots and stories to share. I’ve been buried in work and life and my baby.  Sorting through years […]

This life has a price.

For the last 3 weeks there have been no men in my life, but “no men” for me means something drastically different from what it does for the average woman.  It means I don’t see anyone in person, a distancing from my online pots, and my Instagram and Snapchat accounts – the ever-present, looming, wet-tipped […]

I made myself cry.

I went to my post about my history of sexual assault just now and noticed at the bottom three “Related” links. One was clearly related (I may give mixed signals, but No still means No) and two were completely unrelated (Noodle and I are gonna give The Neighbor a double blowjob and I get fucked for […]

I’m reminded of him.

As my heart and I move further away from The Neighbor I feel the loss of the most special thing we shared: our chemistry.  Together, in the middle of a dark and swirling relationship the two of us shone bright.  We fucking sparkled like goddamned diamonds.  Noodle saw it first hand, as did all my […]

The sex bloggers are coming! The sex bloggers are coming!

Well, one sex blogger is coming, anyway. She’s tall, she uses a butt plug for a doorstop, and she reveals all her dating travails to us without skipping one detail.  Do you know of whom I speak?? Yep, Ann St. Vincent is coming to my fair city this Friday. I’ll pick her up from the […]

It’s a roller coaster.

After much soul searching I decided to keep our appointed Monday night reading date.  I dreaded it. I picked up the house in order for him to vacuum and prepped Peyton that after tonight we’d be seeing very little of The Neighbor because, “Mommy’s heart hurts too much still.”  My explanation was accepted with youthful […]

The grass is brown everywhere.

It was dark and his skin was warm.  I arched under him and spread my legs reveling in his weight upon me. My clothes were twisted around me and unceremoniously pushed away until the parts necessary for connection were exposed.  I couldn’t see him, his face was obscured in darkness, but he felt familiar.  A […]