I am Hyacinth Jones.  I’m a mother, a feminist, a lover of men, words, and boobs.  A big supporter of women and body acceptance I run a monthly meme called Boobday to showcase the beauty of all breasts and bodies.  I’m 40-ish, hetero-flexible, Dominant when necessary, and really, really game for just about anything.  I’ve been Hy since December 2011.

Every thought and feeling I have is bared here and you will likely become frustrated with me as I go right when you really want me to go left.  But I’m not an avatar.  I’m just me.

The story goes like this: In the fall of 2010, I separated from my ex-husband and began fucking my way through grief and sorrow finding solace in a cock between my thighs. When I felt bad, I went and fucked. Sad? Got fucked. Happy? Got fucked. It was a simple equation. I never thought much about it beyond the fact that I had a need and I wanted to fill it.

While doing all this liberal fucking my heart began to ice over. I ate men for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the fall of 2011 I hit a wall; I was formally divorced and the cocks weren’t filling me up so much as they were splitting me apart. I decided to take a snapshot of my dating life and follow those trails to their ends.

Originally, there were four men, but one stole my heart, The Neighbor.  The first year was tumultuous, the second year was great, but unofficial, and the third year we confessed our love for one another and promptly imploded.  We broke up in January of 2015 roughly a year after I shared the blog with him and a year after I told him I loved him.

He was my muse and our sex inspired me to push my boundaries creatively, emotionally, and physically.  Our relationship, however, highlighted that I have much growing to do.

It’s been 3 years since the breakup and The Book of TN is officially closed, but he has his own tab if you want to read the whole story.

I write opinionated things from my perspective, but as my audience grows I try to be sensitive to my voice.  I am a feminist, but I often find myself spiraling in the drain of self-doubt and the drag of being afraid of intimacy.  I’m working on it.

My heart continues to fight for equilibrium. Life isn’t about forever  — it’s about now — and no one gets to tell me how to live my life or who and how to love.

It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.  




I’ve made some lists, too: Rori of Between My Sheets has named me a Top Blogger 3 years running (Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2012, 2013 and 2014)– which is a huge honor for me — and in 2015 Molly of Molly’s Daily Kiss named me #1 on the list!

I encourage discourse, disagreements, and dialogue. You may email me privately or make everything public, it’s up to you.

I don’t know what I’d do without this space to create and be truly me: Hyacinth in all her ugly glory. I am a libertine.

a person who is unrestrained by convention or morality; specifically : one leading a dissolute life


140 thoughts on “About
  1. Just found your blog through WordPress. Enjoying it. I think you might like ours – mysexlifewithlola.com

    Will read more and comment later.

    HH & Lo

  2. Possibly the best blog I’ve ever stumbled upon. I found it because I was looking up how to squirt, because I’m in a similar situation as you, fucking a 27-year old unassuming badass (something about 1984-born scorpio mars boys) who’d like me to cum all over him. I’m unable to do that and feeling like I want to. I’m also an overly educated underpaid writer, single mother of 3 (well not really but I nanny for that and feel like I am) and I’m pretty sure your words are helping me to understand myself better tonight. So thank you for being good. Your chronicles are sublime and I’ll probably read them all.

    1. Wow, thanks so much! Welcome! And I hope my journey and struggles help in some way. I’d hate to think they’re all for naught :)

      Re: the squirting, good luck! I’d love to know if my tips helped at all.

  3. Your blog confused me. At first, I thought I felt bad for you, and then I read more, and realized you crack me up. I want to have sex with you and give you a hug. I rubbed one out to your blog. I couldn’t help myself. I hope you don’t mind. And I still respected you after. Which means you definitely don’t write porn. You are something else altogether. I think you’re fucking awesome. Not sure if I should have shared that, but then again,that’s what blogging is about, I think… Keep it up!

      1. I don’t know *you*, I just know your blog. Should have clarified that. I like your free spirit, but I feel bad for single moms, since I have some fairly conservative family value beliefs, mixed with extremely liberal lifestyle and freedom of choice beliefs, mixed with other things that make me hard for society to pigeonhole with a definition. Maybe you relate to that… I have no doubt a mother can raise a kid on her own, but the world doesn’t make it easy when we have to work so damn hard to give those we care about the attention they ought to have from us. And I just love women, and am probably jealous when the sexy ones are in bed with everyone out there but me. There are reasons for that, I suppose, that I am working on. Gonna land me a hot date some day. My blog might be little more than a crazy mission for a pity-fuck, or a true love, I’m not sure. Could be something else too, as it seems to change day to day… I hope yours has a happy ending, and mine too, and not just that kind of happy ending, nyuck nyuck nyuck. Wait, blogs aren’t books, I guess they don’t really end. On and on we go! x : ) o

        1. Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying. Live isn’t supposed to be happy all the time; I really believe that. I’m heartbroken over my current situation, but still ever the optimist. I like the whole ride, I guess.

          Your blog can be whatever it is you like. I don’t presume to get laid from mine, but if I ever did somehow – wow – that’d be pretty cool!

          And you’re right, these don’t have endings. Just fade outs. xx Hy

          1. It is very *ahem* hard, to know what to say now without entertaining the fantasy of knocking on your door someday soon. Don burn yourself out, better to fade, but burn bright while you can! Later Hy,

          2. I like you too. I’ve been getting inspiration where I find it here in the Blogdom, and find you captivating. You’ve captured my imagination here, and I appreciate it ; ) You’re as beautiful as your flowery blog namesake. xoxo

          3. It’s funny, I sent to an email to a creative noodler and mentioned my feelings about your work to her, and I said I would send you something but I was afraid you would just laugh at Mr. nice guy here. But I tried anyway, and you didn’t. Yay for me! You are fucking awesome, I knew it. I have to go to bed. Sweet dreams Hyacinth.

          4. Oh, and yes, I was entertaining the fantasy of hooking up with her too. Can’t blame a guy for trying, right? I love women.

          5. I didn’t go to bed. Instead, I wrote a fantasy about you, if you’d like to scratch it off your list. It isn’t exactly adventurous. It’s my latest post. It’s the sort of thing I like. You didn’t ask for something crazy. What about sex up in a tree? Maybe I should work on that, since I like to be in nature, and that would certainly be different, to say the least. Could be dangerous though… From your wee bit more innocent admirer here,
            -Justin, who is very new to sexy writing, so you know.

          6. http://settingaplaninmotion.wordpress.com

            It’s part inspiration, flash fictitious non-fictions, anti-religious sort of religious stuff, randomness, me figuring myself out, me finding inspiration where I can find it (including you, lately), artwork, getting into music, among other things…. there are some gems in there, I’d say. I’d write something more like yours, but it’s hard to make gardening sexy and exciting and emotional and all that. Basically, I have just been writing whatever comes to mind like a possessed person. It’s weird, I think…

          7. a noodle and I have talked a little about you and your work, by the way, I hope you don’t mind. I only do it to make other people think about some things, not to make you self-conscience or anything, as it’s only partly about you. I use you a little, in my blog, to illustrate some things, you might say. Sorry about that, if I should be. Don’t take it personally, if you happen to get there and read what I’m talking about. I’m meta-blogging, I think. Mixing the imagined people with their imaginative blogs. Your about age is going to more about me than you if you don’t delete some of this crap, you know.

  4. I will leave your about page alone after this :)
    I dream of a Hyacinth flower,
    a tender heart and true,
    I dream of a Hyacinth flower,
    but I would not pick you.
    If it were left to me,
    you would grow wild and free,
    to be pollinated be the bees,
    and never an angry hornet,
    that does not rhyme so well.

    Also loved that your pussy is from another planet.
    Women are from Venus and men are from Mars,
    oh how I would love to take you to the stars!

    From a dopey interweb poet whose head you have a place in now,

    And Hy, always go for love, even if you’re not easy to satisfy, because it is the only thing that as any hope of filling a lovely gushing pussy. Which I must say, I find to be fascinating. Just one of those things that makes us who we are. Not that my pussy squirts, but, whatever, hey, you know what I mean.

        1. Yeah but I didn’t want to be too romantic, and felt something to make you laugh was in order. Job done. Pat myself on the back now. And when it comes to leaving internet people I like alone, well, harder said than done. Peace ; )

          1. I sure was a strange little puppy when I first came across this page. Two years ago now…. I still follow along and quietly support you. Well, sort of. I follow periodically. And I support you as a writer and creator always. I also appreciate that your sexy little gravatar still pops up as a liker of my posts, even though I’m just going to delete them all again and again. I miss your likes more than I care about whatever the posts were… Send me some of your dedication to this writing thing, will you?

  5. I saw your comment on Noodling’s blog which I follow and came along to enjoy some of your words. I am enjoying what you share and look forward to finding more gems. I saw the note above about sending pics, but I figure at my age, some things are better left to more youthful specimens…. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you for writing. Thank you for being so open, so raw. Right this moment, I don’t feel alone.

  7. Hi there…new follower here. I found you on WP from some of your comments on blogs I follow and came here to check yours out. I must say, this “About” page is very definitely a mirror of my post-divorce days as well. I like how you put it that the cocks were no longer “filling you up, but splitting you in half”. I totally get that….and I’m now down to about one very part time, VERY vanilla lover/playmate. Still haven’t figured out how to fill that chasm left by my failed marriage and my heart is sort of scar tissued over……looking forward to going through your posts and reading more.

    1. Hi there (again!)! I’m always curious how people find me so thanks for removing the mystery there.

      I’m happy and sad simultaneously that you can relate. It’s a tough one.

  8. Love the blog. That new dress of the wek is amazing. You have such a way with words. My cock throbs wit each entry of your blog. Im sorry to hear about everything that is going on with you. You deserve the best. Look forward to more of you. Im so jealous of evry guy that has met you.

  9. Your blog is the first I have ever found I could relate to! I was a divorced single mother struggling with sex ad my sexuality as well.

    I am not in a relationship of a year and half and obsessed with exploring myself and with my man sexually.

    To be a woman and have that power is purely intoxicating.

    1. Thanks so much Shueysgirl :) That means so much to me! And I’m happy to hear you’ve found a great partner with whom to explore. That’s truly special. Good luck and I hope to see you around! xx Hy

  10. I feel like society portrays that women aren’t supposed to like sex and explore themselves. I liked sex before but was ashamed to admit it.

    When I started dating my man, I had felt emotionally sexure for the first time in my life. That also means I am comfortable to explore fantasies and sex together with him. He was pretty “vanilla” sexually when we started dating and seeing him open up and explore with me is ridiculous amazing. Sex isn’t an obligation or chore with him, its my favorite activity ever haha

    It’s so refreshing to hear someone went through the same struggles I went through to find myself. I thought I was so naughty.

    I commend you on your journey and hope you find th peace I have

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  12. I love your blogs, your photos are very beautiful. I’ll be back… I also have a second blog on old pictures.
    SENSUALITE | La beauté à l’état pure

  13. Firstly – Congrats on making it in the 100! Your blog was fabulous. loved the pictures. very sensual. had mixed feeling and emotions after reading the blog. would like to see more writings of your’s. Well done.!

  14. Hi Hyacinth!
    I love your blog, and clearly you are the right person to ask for advice.
    I am new to blogging, and enjoying it so far. I was wondering, how do you get that many comments? Could you pop by my blog and take a look, and give me your thoughts?
    What can I do to make it more appealing? How can I get the community you have, to interact with me, to respond and give advice?

    Thank you, and have a good day!
    LW x

  15. I love hearing this little ongoing story of you and TN but I wish it wasn’t so painful for you to live through. Keep it up! You’ve successfully captured my curiosity to keep coming back through all your heartbreak.

  16. Hi Hy! :) I would love to get to know you. Learn different tricks and new ways to do things with my lover. What ways can I spice things up?

    1. By the way I found you through a mutual follower on instagram Mrs. Xo :x I’m into the learning process involved in sex. To me it’s not just about the sex with some women. Teach a young dog the best tricks! Sincerely, a puppy willing to learn :*

      1. Hi Javier! Welcome! First trick is to eagerly soak up everything you can and not make it anyone else’s job. For real. Nothing can replace a voracious appetite to learn and a can-do spirit. I have years’ worth of material here for you to dive into. Enjoy! xx Hy

        1. I’ve learned a lot from what you have told me, but I’m more of the stay at home guy, the one that would rather have a beer at home than go out. I have a gorlfriend. Just trying to learn some new tricks from a woman that’s very expeerienced. Any way I can message you or email you on anything?

        2. I have been reading like crazy especially the ones with TN :) I wish I was like you, being able to get women all the time and have sex all the time. Have a great night! I’m off to bed! :*

  17. I just discovered your blog and am excited to read thru…. How do I go about reading it in chronological order?

  18. As a Bohemian I utterly LOVE your inhibition, decadence, and lust for life and stimulation, inspiration, and full digestion! ;)

    I think I will make myself at home here and FEED! :twisted:

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