hy_tits_bannerWhat is Boobday?

Boobday is a weekly meme for us to honor breasts of all shapes and sizes belonging to all types of folks.

All of us who are the owners of breasts know their magical powers, but not everyone gets to hear it. I hope this will become a place of support and praise.

I get to hear positive feedback about my body all the time and I want to share that love.  I want every woman to feel special in that way.

Boobs — I’m convinced — are loved by literally everyone, so lets celebrate them!

The single most important thing that I’ve learned about my looks at the ripe old age of 37 39 43 is that to feel beautiful and confident you need to trust the tastes of those who find you attractive.

It matters not if you’re hairy, saggy, pert, stretch-marked, bony, straight, short, tall, any variety of fruit- or vegetable-shaped, pale, dark, young or old.

What matters is that you notice the look in someone’s eye and that you believe in what they see.

Because they see something delicious and right up their alley, and that is magic.

Boobday Guidelines

Pics can be of breasts in any state of dress.  Cocks and props are also welcome, but the woman really should be the centerpiece.

Anyone who identifies as having breasts is welcome to submit a photo.  This isn’t limited to the cisgender woman.

You can participate in one of two ways:

1. Use the link widget in the Boobday post to link to your blog

  • If you participate, please tweet about Boobday with the #Boobday hashtag and leave a comment on other Boobday participants’ blogs, as well as here for the folks who don’t have blogs.
  • Also, be sure to post the Boobday banner on your post with a link to that week’s Boobday page.
  • hy_tits_banner

2. Send pics to me at with “Boobday” and the date in the subject line no later than Thursday at midnight, your time.  I’ll post the first 3 I get.

  • For every Boobday submission via email:
    • Make sure your phone and/or camera does not keep your location information!
    • If I receive submissions Friday, it may not appear on that week’s post.
    • Lastly, pics must be yours.  If you’re a man who would like to see his friend’s tits here, she must email them to me or I must somehow get her permission.
  • Also, please include all of the following info:
    • an email with the Boobday date in the subject line
    • an attached pic
    • a sentence about why you chose this particular photo
    • if you want to be anonymous or not
    • a hyperlink or URL to your Twitter handle (if you have one)



Thanks in advance for following my guidelines and helping to make this a piece of cake!

Now, let’s see some boobs!!



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