Fuck-et List

Originally published 4/17/12

This is the sexual bucket list I would have made right after I separated from my ex-husband.  It’s now current, yet always evolving.

  1. Send sexy pic to lover

  2. Cum over Facetime

  3. Receive cock shot midday

  4. Receive cock shot from office

  5. Read a fantasy a man wrote about me Trip X took care of it in spades

  6. Open the door and get fucked with little to no talking before hand

  7. Have sex more than once in one day

  8. Be tied up and fucked until I beg for mercy done!

  9. Be spanked until I can’t sit and sob for it to stop

  10. Be fucked in my kitchen

  11. Fuck outside

  12. Fuck in someone else’s house/bed without their knowledge

  13. Suck a cock while getting fucked

  14. Be introduced to anal – Thank you, Captain!

  15. Be fucked with a dildo and a cock simultaneously in my pussy

  16. Be fucked with a buttplug in

  17. Fuck a man while he wears a buttplug

  18. Watch a man suck cock

  19. Watch a man get fucked by another man

  20. Eat pussy while getting fucked by a man

  21. Group sex; any combo  – MMF, MFM, MFMF

  22. More Group sex; any combo – MMF, MFM MFMF

  23. Be blindfolded and watched

  24. Fuck a complete and total stranger

  25. Double vaginal penetration

  26. Double penetration – either a man in my arse or a dildo – I’m thinking dildo first

  27. Have welts left on my body from being struck during sex

  28. Swallow cum every time I have the chance

  29. Fuck more than one man in a single daygot up to only 2 in a day

  30. Fuck as many men in a single week as possibleso far, my record is 4 or 5 in one week

  31. *Mile-high club

  32. Have sex while being watched

  33. Fuck next to the railroad tracks near *******.

  34. Have a man do housework for me nude or in my panties.

  35. Cum with a cock in my mouth – one of many times

  36. Get finger fucked in public.

  37. Make love

  38. Be made love to

  39. Have a day or more dedicated to pleasure

  40. Wrestle as foreplay

  41. Dominate a man

  42. Have a man make me dinner while he’s naked

  43. Have sex while shrooming

  44. Go to a sex party

  45. Be given total submission

  46. Give road head – always fun with TN

  47. Word play

  48. Go in public wearing a buttplug

  49. Have my Boy go in public wearing a buttplug

  50. Have my Boy send me a cock shot from the office

  51. Have sex every day for a week

*Posts after the * are updates from the original posting.

37 thoughts on “Fuck-et List
  1. #41 that’s dangerous. I routinely cook in fairly short shorts (not sexual I’m just too lazy for clothes) and it hurts to get burned. :( I can’t imagine oil splatter on a penis. Stick to baking or roasting, but that isn’t nearly as sexy, now is it? In other words, if frying at least let the guy wear an apron.

  2. That one
    that one
    that one too
    oh and that one
    another one
    and another
    wait, there’s another one

    Don’t mind me, I’m just going through the remaining items on your list and thinking about which one’s I’d like to help you with :-)

    BTW, in all of your adventures, you’ve never been introduced to anal?

  3. Never mind big when it comes to anal, what you need to worry about is how relaxed you are, so get the hytachi out, wear yourself out b4 TN gets there and invite the change of gears.

  4. You kidding me? Never been introduced to anal…I thought reading some of the others that would be a given. My last ex girlfriend love it. She was quite a sex addict, not kidding, wanted sex every day in every hole and up to 6 times a day one day. Plus she loved being splattered with my juice, and for that matter other guy´s juice. Funny story, I was at her house, I woke up and went to the kitchen to get some coffee, I start hearing some moaning voices from her room and I´m thinking what the fuck is to going on. Holy shit I enter and find her screwing this black dude that was her roomate. I knew she fucked him when I wasn´t around, but man could she wait at least until I got out of the house. Nope, so I figured I might as well join. She loved it that´s for sure. Actually quite a turn on.

  5. What a great ist! if you don’t mind I’m going to plagiarise it and rework it to my own particular tastes. I have one question though if I may?

    Number 46 “Wordplay”. Could you explain that one to me please?

  6. My goodness!! This list of things is amazing!! So many good things completed!! I can’t believe other haven’t been completed. My gf and me have done many many of these same exploits you are still looking for and they are a blast!! The DP is amazing! She’s has multiple DP sessions and she’s loved it! Both with me and dildos, me and another man and also me another woman with a dildo! Such good fun!! Would love to chat with you about OUR Exploits!

  7. Fantastic list Hyacinth. I hope you fulfill every single one! I also have a suggestion for #52 or #53 which I’m quite confident you will thoroughly like and want to experience given several of your To Do’s and Dones. (evil grin)

    Enjoying your blog immensely!

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