I had a lovely threesome once, Part 2.

Here’s Part 1. This was when I really understood where I fell on the sexual orientation spectrum: a little more straight than wholly bisexual, I know now that given the opportunity to have sex with a woman I’ll do it, cuz I do love pussy and the feel of a woman’s body against mine, but I’ll want to have a man around, too.

I groan and Becky smiles knowingly then kisses me passionately. Her hands run all over my body, knead my breasts; her mouth slides over the sides of my breasts and up and over the mounds to capture my hard nipples in her hot, wet mouth.

My pussy is slick and happy to be filled again. I haven’t fucked anyone since the last time I was with Troy and Ryan together. My body is screaming for touch and satisfaction.

Becky climbs off of me and bends her face low to my curls. She carefully avoids getting bumped in the head by Ryan’s thrusts and presses her tongue on my clit. I arch my back and grab the cushions. Minutes tick by. I’m on Cloud 9.

Then we switch around: she lays on the couch with knees apart and I kneel before her. Ryan situates himself behind me and enters roughly. I fall forward onto her shaved pussy. She tastes tangy and female and her slight stubble scratches my tender skin. I push forward and find her nub and start to lap at it with the rhythm of Ryan’s pumps.

His hands grip my hips, my hands grip her small breasts, she grips my hair.

I’m so happy to be here with them. They are so generous, it feels so collaborative. I only hope I’m giving as much as they are.

We switch around again. Ryan takes a spot on the couch and has his girl climb aboard. I’m still on the floor and can see her pussy stretch to take all of him, her dark pink anus a little star in front of me, his darker brown balls an enticing pouch, low hanging fruit.

I duck under and take his sack into my mouth as she bounces on top of him, then sit up and reach around and rub her clit. She moans and leans back against my breasts. Her skin is so unbelievably soft. So different from a man’s. I flatten my fingers and press hard. She rocks into me and on him. My shared goal with Ryan is to make her feel more pleasure.

The music on the TV fills the space as our pants and moans interchange depending on who’s being the center of attention. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s her, sometimes it’s him. There’s no rhyme or reason, but it all seems to make sense.

It’s my turn again to climb on top of Ryan’s gorgeous cock. I slide down, feel it deep inside and start to move. My clit pressed tight against his abs. My arms and chest are heavy and numb and Becky is behind me nibbling on my shoulders and cupping my breasts.

Suddenly, my eyes fly open as I feel her tongue on my asshole and perineum, bold and assured. I guess she’s licking us from balls to anus and back again because he gets twice as hard inside of me and a small yell escapes my lips. They are both fucking the shit out of me.

I stop moving twice because I got overwhelmed. This space I’m in is so heady and lustful. Whenever I get here I sometimes lose steam because I’ve lost myself in bliss. It’s delectable, rich, exhausting. But I come back down and keep impaling myself, keep getting licked and caressed. Keep. getting. fucked.

Once I’ve exhausted myself I throw myself over on the couch and tell them they’re wonderful. They laugh and smile and thank me for saying so. I watch for a few minutes as she fervently sucks his sack and he strokes his pole while idly playing with her clit and tits. I catch my breath and stand up over her and press my breasts against his chest, nibble his shoulder, then bend down and take his cock in my mouth again.

I recall what he liked from before and I do my best. He gently pushes me off of him and Becky sits back on her haunches obediently, her eyes locked on him as his jerking tempo increases.

I kiss her neck and rub her breasts and I hear Ryan lose it as he cums all over her chest. My hand smears it across her silken skin and she and I kiss a final time. Her skin shines in the light from the TV.

We all repose on the couch and Ryan starts channel surfing. We chat amiably. I try hard not to doze, but unsuccessfully. It’s past midnight, so I beg off. Hug them both, say I hope we can do it again sometime and leave.

Driving home I think about how tonight felt. It was fun and easy, but I’m still not so sure I’m the biggest fan on the planet of FFM. Several times I found myself longing for another cock despite Becky’s devoted attention to me — and she is truly devoted and lovely. They made me feel like an equal partner and as wanted as possible and still the lack of cock was not something I could chase from my mind. The lesson here is: I LOVE COCK.

I think MFM, MMF, or MFMF is more up my alley than only one cock in the room.

I turned a first date into a threesome.

Thursday night I met Kevin. He’s 26, 6’2″, has a girlfriend. He’s a ridiculously nerdy fellow with an acerbic sense of humor and quick wit. We “met” on OKCupid weeks ago and our schedules were such that we had to wait for the holidays to pass. He asked me “High or low brow?” when we were trying to figure out a place to meet for drinks.

“High,” I answered.

We drank wine, chatted, and I pressed my calf against his. He looked at me meaningfully.

We decided to go back to his house. I sucked his extremely pretty cock, hot and jutting into my mouth and two fists. He poured me some wine. I took cock-sucking breaks to whet my whistle with the rich, fruity grape, then would dive back on.

He wouldn’t let me make him cum. He wanted to wait. But then, suddenly, we were willing, but not able: NO CONDOMS. So, I backed off some only occasionally dipping down onto his bobbing erection between stories.

“I have an ex lover in town who says she’s never been with a woman before. I think she might be gay. She never seemed to care about my cock.”

“Ok. Call her up. We’ll go to my place.” His jaw dropped. There was a long pause.



And just like that, the ball was rolling.

A few texts later we were all headed to my house (a house filled with condoms). I lit candles and put on Pandora. I realized I was nervous. I’ve had two FFMs in the past. One was a goddamned disaster wherein Troy and Lina left me out. The other was pretty goddamned great and I was treated with respect by that couple and the three of us devoured one another for 3 hours.

What was tonight going to bring? I’d only just met Kevin and the only thing I knew about this girl was that she was half black and half Mexican. I’d refused to look at pics because it simply didn’t matter whether or not I found her attractive. Let’s be honest: I’d fuck her anyway.

Turns out she wasn’t my type, but I loved her attitude. She was in my house less than 5 minutes before she was pants-less and in my bed. She peeled off my clothes and sucked on my tits. Kevin touched us tenderly, not wanting to get in the way of his friend’s first experience. I slid down her softness and spread her knees wide, dipped down. She tasted of pine.

I pulled her skin up with my left hand, her short pubic hair scratching my palm, and buried two fingers deep inside her hot hole. She arched her back as my mouth found her labia. I licked warmly, firmly, pushed my fingers against her opening knowing it’s the stretch that feels so good. I slipped in another finger. She moaned. And I started rocking my face on her pubis.

But the pine… it was odd for me. It distracted me. I won’t lie.

Meanwhile, Kevin had taken off his clothes at my behest. I wanted to lavish some attention on him, but she had other ideas. She flipped me over and without further notice dove down on me. She was awkward, but focused. I felt like something on her bucket list.

She didn’t last long. I lay there wishing she’d let Kevin show her some moves. But it was at this point that I realized the two of us, Kevin and I, were her play things. She wasn’t interested in a group effort; she wanted to get off on us and anything she did to us or with us was for her benefit. I chuckled inside and thought, Ok. Whatever.

When she was through licking me, Kevin gently pushed her to the side and put his cock inside of me. I would have been wet regardless, but the girl’s saliva made certain he had easy entry. It felt good. Really good. But she had other ideas. She pushed him off of me and clamored on top, pinning my hands by my sides beneath her weight; we were pressed tits to tits. She started to hump.

She humped the both of us to her orgasm about 4 times and each time neither of us (the humped) felt much. I couldn’t move, let alone get off. But, this was about her experience and about him getting to watch us, so I played along.

I came twice with my vibe, had to tell her to get off of me at one point because she literally couldn’t let me just be, and helped Kevin fuck her off and on. He’d go soft and say, “Hy, please suck me.” He already knew I could get him hard fast. I did a lot of cock sucking that night for him — and happily so — because whenever he’d get soft she’d complain and make fun of him. I’d look at him with knowing eyes. She also couldn’t help but smack his face. He didn’t like it, but he was patient with her. She was clearly in her own little world.

Finally, I was laying wrapped in my robe on Kevin’s left, she was on his right, and I was lightly scratching Kevin’s groin, avoiding his semi-hard cock. Then I felt it nudge my hand. I kept my nails digging in and cupped his scrotum. His cock surged. “Hy, don’t stop.” That’s when she noticed it and pounced on top of him. “No, you don’t,” he said and he flipped them over, with her beneath him.

I had perfect access to his sack and the base of his cock. As he thrust into her I held my hand against his balls and applied pressure. The perfect reach-around that no mortal could accomplish on her own. He came in 10 seconds and when he was done, he thanked me, not her.

They left and I washed all my bedding. Took a long, hot shower. The pine scent lingered.

I had fun despite the bulldozer that shared Kevin with me. She was eager and really pretty comical in her own sexy way. She’ll never forget me.

I’d do it again in a heart beat and I can’t wait to get that kid all to myself. We have a date for this Saturday.