I need advice about my ex-lover.

Internet Boyfriend, I need you!

This will be short.

I’m in my yellow dress and I’m trying to rest up before my first date with the Law Student. Here’s my question:

If I decide to invite him back to my place to hang out, should I give The Neighbor a heads up? A, “Hey, I’m on a good date and we’re coming back to my place. I just didn’t want you to be surprised if you saw us,” kind of thing.

Here is why I’m torn: 1) He never gave me that kind of consideration so why should I give it to him?, but 2) I’m not him and actually am a considerate individual so that would be me being myself.

What do I do??

Don’t worry. These are for LS only. TN’s ship has sailed…

Sidenote: I’ve been spending a little completely platonic –and somewhat ironic — time with my young ex-lover this week. I have felt nothing but benign curiosity about what this next phase will look like for me/us. He, however, sent me a cock shot this morning. I think my eyes bugged out. It was an impressive photo, of course, but I wasn’t impressed.