C’est finis.

Annnnnd, February is finally over.

Jesus fucking Christ.

It was good, all this posting, all this sharing. But now I’m going to retreat into my little cave for a bit. Just be quiet.

Shh. Lemme turn this thing off real quick.



February Photofest

I’m scared.

I’m scared of being whole with someone, being my own everything in front of an audience. I tell myself that rejection isn’t actually rejection, it’s just a selection process. We’re a bad match; I am not being turned away.

But it never feels like that. It feels worse than being picked last: it’s not being chosen at all. It’s exactly why dating is so brutal. Every date, every attempt is a layer of skin gone.

In therapy yesterday we ruminated on a new attitude I seem to have about men and dating, this odd, detached air where sometimes I completely forget the existence of whole men for days on days until some random thing jars my memory. Oh riiight. He exists!

And then when he renters my radar I become nervous that he’s forgotten me too. Is it a sign? If it is it can’t be a good one. Who forgets about someone??

I try to let it go, but it unnerves me, this forgetting, because when I remember I also remember how much I long for a person who’d never be able to forget me. Sometimes I think there are glimmers in the men I’m exploring (this time a batch of Steves) but then I’m afraid to even hope such a thing.

I feel twisted and blindfolded, utterly stagnant and vibrating with inertia to move, but move where??

Maybe I should masturbate and let the stars behind my lids whisper the Universe’s secrets about love and connection. Maybe I should just be brave and let the crush happen.

February Photofest

Before or after?

February Photofest



It’s heart-shaped.

My loneliness, that is.

February Photofest

Still looking.

Phone calls and long conversations

British lilt from a brutish man with thick rugby thighs and a big slab of meat

What’s your favorite word?

Psychopathy, I say. And apothecary, galactic, turpitude. What’s yours?

Luminescence. And reciprocity.

Sea salt and black pepper crackers in my ears after a long drunken day with his friends

Six Nations rugby match in Ireland, an extended brunch and many, many beers

I couldn’t wait to call you again.

I’m glad. Leave yourself a note for tomorrow about how witty and charming I was on the phone.

I won’t have to do that. You’re different. Beautiful and intelligent.

And he’s 5000 miles away

Except in 4 weeks he will be a table top away, an arm’s length

Which is why I will still be looking

February Photofest

Friday, February 23rd is Boobday!


Well, the Week from Hell seems to be about over.  My sister and her kids leave for California today and Peyton gets yet another day off from school (I love it when kids wish they’re sick so they can skip school, but then realize the awfulness of reality).

I just work up coughing and realized at 5 am that I’d forgotten to set this post up last night, so here I am.  Good news is that yesterday and last night is the first time in over a week I haven’t used a -Quil – which doesn’t explain my dream of driving a 1985 Mazda 300Z in England and needing to stop and top off its fluids.  Anyway, I digress…

This is the last Boobday of February Photo Fest.  It’s flown and crawled by and I’m looking forward to the break in March… and Eroticon!

Have a great weekend, everyone!!



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My tits:

Check that curvy arm.


NOT my tits:

Sandy knows how to relax.
It was a beautiful weekend morning!!
February Photofest


I love tights.

As a little girl I wore white tights under black patten leather Mary Janes and flouncy dresses. I imagined I was grown up like my mother who clad her oh so long legs in sheer tan hosiery for special occasions.

The way the stretchy fabric clung to my legs like a super suit transformed me from plain 7.year old into a little ageless sophisticate.

Fast forward 35 years and I still feel like a new woman as I roll hosiery up my shapely legs. I sashay, cross and uncross my legs. Saunter with my patterned calves and thighs. I know men look as I sit. I dig it.

February Photofest

Is it really only Tuesday?

I’ve had to work while recovering from the flu and Peyton came down with a fever last night and threw up this morning. I’m driving all over town shuttling my baby between home and my parents since my ex would rather not get sick and he’ll be traveling Wednesday through Friday and I refuse to let his awful wife play nurse to my baby.

So… it’s up to me to dig in – along with my mom, stepdad, sister (who is recovering from strep) and her three kids (some of whom who are also recovering from various ailments such as strep and a staff infection).

But how blessed am I that when they realized it was either have Pey stay with them all day while I worked or have her play nurse they both said, “OH GOD NO. PEY STAYS WITH US.”

Mom did the doctor visit today, stepdad did the pharmacy run, and they had a quarantined section of the house just for their little patient replete with a TV, vibrating bed and ice chips.

I’ll be back in the morning bright and early. Dear God, is this week over yet??

February Photofest

Barely on the mend.

I didn’t do a picture yesterday; the flu had me laid out and I couldn’t bear to figure out how to get my pics off the cloud to my email to my phone to the watermark app to the blog, etc., etc., etc.

In fact, I don’t think I’m even going to watermark this one today.  I just don’t have it in me.

My throat is raw from coughing all night and my face packed with congestion.  I have to be at work soon and it’s a long night before I get Pey from my parents.  Thankfully it’s a school holiday and my baby stayed the night with them so I could get extra rest.

Wish me luck I make it through the day.

Better days.



February Photofest