I love search engine terms.


I should really keep up with these better. I remember once I got a couple of of hits for “ghost penis.”


Anyway, lets do line items.  That’s always fun before 10 am!:

  1. Yes, he fucked me. More than once, actually.
  2. I’m particularly proud of this one: 49ers tits.  What exactly was this searcher hoping to find, anyway?  I Googled it and couldn’t find a damn thing that led them to me.  I think they were looking for something like this, though.
  3. I never knew how many folks would be interested in house boy stories.  Apparently, there are a bunch.
  4. Yes, dear, it’s always ok.  Let him kiss your little pussy till the cows come home!
  5. Have fun and be sure to read my How To Fuck Your Neighbor!  Or do you mean it in a derogatory way, like, “Fuck my shitty ass neighbor!”?  Because if that’s the case, then I def can’t help you.
  6. Your bare pussy what?  Does it itch?  Do you like it?
  7. two men fuck each other:  These weird statement searches confuse me. Plus, there are, like, a gabillion gay porn sites with those words in the title.  How on earth did this searcher find my secret sex blog??
  8. how he fucking me hard: I guess even folks whose first language isn’t English deserve some hot erotica/porn, right?
  9. And lastly, my favorite one of the day: i love cock more than i love life. How Google sent them to me is a little bit of a head-scratcher, though.  I mean, I do love cock, but more than my life??  Probably not. I like to think I’m a little more well-rounded than that.

I always love these kinds of posts.  What are some recent and/or memorable searches you’ve gotten?