When I get 100 subscribers I will…

I don’t know what the usual attrition rate is for followers of sex blogs, but I’m shocked as fuck that I have even 10, let alone almost 100! I’ve been writing since mid-December and I can’t seem to pass my number of followers with my number of posts. It’s a humbling, lovely thought that for every post I write there is at least one new reader who wants more of me.

This space has become integral to my health. I need you all and I revel in the outpouring of support and love, critical eyes and pointed observations. If I’m not sharing, then I’m living in a vacuum of unadulterated lust and id. I need paddles to keep me straight, keep me honest, and keep me growing. You all are my paddles.

I’m ugly here, yet you all keep coming back. It’s not fun admitting to my weaknesses or exposing myself, but it’s a muscle I want developed. I want to be strong and own my urges, dive into them and shed all ignorance. My mind and body may wreak havoc on me, but at least it will be well documented and I’ll know it was real. Without this I don’t feel whole. I need to share much as I need to be seen. Thank you for seeing me.

So, to celebrate my first centennial, I will do two things to express my gratitude:

  1. Post a picture of me that you all want to see most (leave your suggestion in the comments – no pussy shots, sorry).
  2. Answer any questions you have about me that don’t belie my anonymity (i.e., name, city, occupation, etc.).

Thank you again. For all of it. I love you all.

Always your faithful & dissolute blogger,


[Update 5/7: I’ve gained a follower since posting this!  Eight more to go!!]

[Update 5/8: 93!]

[Update 5/12: I’m at 100! I have altjp to thank for that.  I’ll get on my promised reward soon.  Probably in the next couple of days.  Thanks everyone!!  Woofuckinghoo!]