I love tights.

As a little girl I wore white tights under black patten leather Mary Janes and flouncy dresses. I imagined I was grown up like my mother who clad her oh so long legs in sheer tan hosiery for special occasions.

The way the stretchy fabric clung to my legs like a super suit transformed me from plain 7.year old into a little ageless sophisticate.

Fast forward 35 years and I still feel like a new woman as I roll hosiery up my shapely legs. I sashay, cross and uncross my legs. Saunter with my patterned calves and thighs. I know men look as I sit. I dig it.

February Photofest

They hang just like this.


They also come complete with nipples.

Too nipple-y for IG.

And a smirk.  

[Ed. Note:I sent this to Luke yesterday because he has a thing for hosiery.]