Extrovert recharge.

What I needed tonight was just what I got: two men’s full and undivided attention over cocktails, red meat and giggles.

All quite innocent except for all the sex talk.

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Friday, June 22nd, is Boobday!

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Sorry for the late posting!  I went out with the younger half of the gay(ish) couple last night, just the two of us.  Dinner and lots of drinks.  I felt like I was talking to my gay best friend until he held my hand and kissed me once.  Then I felt like I was kissing my gay best friend.  Chemistry is such an interesting thing.

And then I woke up thinking about Elliot and regretting the late-night spaghetti I’d scarfed.

So, here we are: midday and still working on this post.  I have cleaned the kitchen and taken some boob pics, though, so there’s that.

Also, still floaty about sweet Elliot.  Ahhhh……

Enjoy the tits, y’all.




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My tits:

Elliot alllll over me.

NOT my tits:

We love you, Sandy!

Just found out today I’m BRCA1 positive ?
Here’s to the Boobies!!!!


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