I know some other words for “cock.”

My friend, Noodle, over at Creative Noodling once asked her readers for a good word for penis.  I offered her this:

Shaft, rod, bone/boner, erection, meat, manhood, tumescence (that’s one of my faves), pole, piston, spear, baby-arm, turgid flesh, bulge, ridge, lump…. I just thought of a post! xx

Personally, I love using the technical terms for things in a filthy way.  The juxtaposition of formal and passionate is a favorite theme of mine that you may or may not have noticed in my writings.

The words I’ve compiled below are ones I’d actually use to write erotica.  Of course there are so many other slang words for all our bits, but I’m not really interested in “axe-wound” or “meat popsicle,” — though what a challenge that would be to make sexy!

What are some of your favorite words for our sexy bits?  I’d love to add to my repertoire of go-to words.  Also, this was much harder than I at first anticipated! [Updated with some of your suggestions.  I can’t believe I left some of those out!]


shaft, rod, boner, erection, meat, manhood, tumescence, pole, piston, bulge, ridge, lump, cock, penis, wood, knob, glans, dick, head, fist


sack, pouch, balls, purse, nuts, testicles, gonads


hole, channel, womb, chamber, pillow, cave, slot, pussy, cunt, fuck hole, snatch, muff, slash, twat, her sex, pie, box


labia, lips, folds, petals, genitals, plumpness, pinkness, bits


(Noodle pointed out my original oversight in including this bit)

nub, button, switch, stem, pistil, pearl


(Cruel pointed out I forgot this)

seed, ejaculate, cum, milk, spray, liquid, juice, man-batter, semen, jizz, spunk, frosting


(I’m adding the next two categories preemptively)

juice, tears, ejaculate, cum/come, water


tits, jugs, breasts, boobs, mounds, flesh, pillows, pouches, teats, peaks, nubs, aureola

Thanks to the following peeps for pointing out some more terrific words and/or categories:

Accidental Masturbator