I fucked two guys on Christmas night: A holiday tradition

No, not this Christmas, sadly.  It’s just me fondly reminiscing again about one of the best nights of my life.

Last year I wrote the following blurb:

Peyton is with my ex for the next few hours and I am home alone watching a bunch of hokey Christmas movies and sipping on cheap champagne. The Neighbor is in colder weather with his family and I am alone with a herd of Christmas animals I’ve volunteered to watch for a few days. Life is pretty good at the moment. I just wish I had wood for my fire — it’s somehow lonelier without one.

Anyway, I thought I’d share one of my favorite sexy Christmas memories and most popular posts with you all today: I fucked two guys on Christmas night.

This year is much the same as last and all the others: Peyton is with my ex for a few hours so I’m alone, I’ve got the herd of animals (but they’re mine this time), no wood for the fire (or a fireplace, but I like to watch the Fireplace Channel so I sort of have one — don’t judge!), and The Neighbor is once again in much colder weather with his family.

What’s different is someone loves me.  Not a bad change.

I love this Christmas Story of mine not just because of its salacious nature, but because it marks the beginning of everything for me.  It happened 4 years ago today, seemingly a lifetime, but just like yesterday.  I can still close my eyes and feel them on me.  That was a night to go in the record books.  And without it I might not be where I am today.

Troy reached out to me recently — filled with his own nostalgia I presume — and suggested that he, Jack and I get together for a drink.  I told him I’d love to.  Troy and I crackle when together and Jack is the perfect grounding unit.  It could be a lot of fun, like old school-time buddies except we’re talking cocks and pussies, not keg stands and finals.

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope that today brings you much love and warmth!

Lots of love,



I fucked two guys on Christmas night.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Peyton is with my ex for the next few hours and I am home alone watching a bunch of hokey Christmas movies and sipping on cheap champagne. The Neighbor is in colder weather with his family and I am alone with a herd of Christmas animals I’ve volunteered to watch for a few days. Life is pretty good at the moment. I just wish I had wood for my fire — it’s somehow lonelier without one.

Anyway, I thought I’d share one of my favorite sexy Christmas memories and most popular posts with you all today: I fucked two guys on Christmas night.
Enjoy and Happy Holidays!! You all make my life richer and my imagination sharper.

Lots of love,




[Ed. note: I’m a huge dummy and didn’t link to the story originally!]

I was once DVP’d.

My head is still in a fog.  I feel like Gepetto with a Frankenstein “boyfriend” made out of 3+ human beings.  In the meantime, enjoy my tale of my first double-stuff experience and a lascivious photo I took a few days ago.

From my archives:

After the first MMF I spent days reeling.

Did that really just happen to me?  Did I initiate hardcore sex with two men simultaneously?  Did I lay myself bare and vulnerable to their whims and cry in ecstasy?  Did I fill my eyes with man-on-man cocksucking?  Did I really, and truly drench any part of my home that I spent more than five minutes in?

Yes.  Yes to all of it.

Troy came over a couple of days later and it was another incredible, gushing experience.  We marveled at how turned on I was.  I rode his face, his warm, flat tongue licking my pussy, his hands wrapped around my thighs and I squirted in his mouth.  And we had only just begun.

I was perplexed.  He was excited.  I mean, there was no g-spot stimulation.  Why did that happen?  And I wasn’t grinding on him, I was only gliding up and down his mouth with my slit, almost gently.

We fucked, he licked, I sucked, he pounded me from behind and I came and came some more.  He taught me how to deep throat.  My bed was a puddle of juices requiring me to throw down a towel at some point – it was just that wet (and it got cold).

When we were done we lay on our sides talking.  “It’s like I’ve opened the gate to a secret garden inside of me,” I said.  “I can’t ever go back.  All this time, this has been here.  Inside of me.”  I felt like crying, but didn’t.

More processing, more days go by and Troy and I have plans with Jack for Round 2.

We meet at a swanky hotel bar, Jack is late and Troy is hungover.  An auspicious start to say the least, but we all rose to the challenge.  Jack caressed my knee as my leg pressed up against Troy’s.  I loved the idea that we were completely deviant in an upscale place, in plain view.  We had some drinks then left and walking down the street each placed a hand on my ass.  I wondered what the doormen were thinking and smiled.

I drove with Jack back to Troy’s condo and sucked his rigid pole in plain sight of Troy in the car next to us.  He fingered me and I could feel my insides suck tight and that high-pitched glow start to shine — that notice to my mind that my body was engaging.

If my life depended on it I couldn’t tell you how shit started that night, but here’s what I can tell you: I have bruises on my pelvis from be fucked so hard from behind while laid out over a granite island, my toes only brushing the floor; my left nipple is still sore to the touch; and I have fingerprint welts on my right buttock.  And those are only the physical marks left behind.

Jack and Troy were inspired that night.

Jack dove into my ass with his face as he played with my clit and fingered me deep inside, my mouth stuffed full of Troy’s gorgeous cock.

Jack held me against his chest, with his back to a wall and Troy held my legs and fucked me standing up.

And again I came with ejaculate running down my legs, pooling on the wood floors, soaking the couch, the rugs, everything in my path.  The men were titillated, their arousal enraged by my own.  They flipped me, they stroked me, they pillaged my body.

They 69ed and I gently touched them, explaining how it made me feel to see two masculine figures pleasuring each other.

My mind held on for hours until, while sucking Jack’s monster cock, Troy inserted his massive toy into my cunt.  I felt cold and a deep sense of filling, then also a warm pressure at my entrance.  I bore down, not thinking, my face stuffed, my mouth and mind busy, and then I felt extreme tension and even more filling of my channel.

Troy groaned and pumped into me.  He, and the giant dildo, were both plunged deep inside of my body.  Everyone held still.

I heard exclamations, my pussy cried its tears of pleasure some more, and my. mind. left.

It rose above me and watched three beautiful creatures pleasure each other.  There was no more Me there in a real sense.  I had transcended to a place of sheer sensation.

At some point I cried uncle and begged for a cigarette.  I pulled on someone’s button-down shirt and stood like a mare in heat at the kitchen sink.  Hands shaking as I pulled on my fag, knees trembling with my legs spread wide to hold myself up.  They talked about how I had cracked.  It was true, I had, but I wasn’t going to admit it.  I wanted more.

I was back on a rug, with Jack under me.  I straddled him and leaned forward, Troy poised behind me and he pushed gently in.  I couldn’t move, I was so filled with cock and awe.  Literally: cock and awe.  Again, my mind shattered as an idea I’d never considered became reality: two men buried deep inside my interior, together.  Even they hadn’t imagined it.

We flipped around with Troy on the bottom, Jack behind, and I kissed Troy helplessly as Jack’s thrusts jostled my face over his lips and mouth.  He whispered something like, “Oh my God, Hy… can you believe it?”  And I simply cried some more and shook my head No.

Condoms were sucked off and we had to stop.  I rolled off and over to my side and lay panting. Jack tenderly spooned me and occasional struck my right hip/buttock.  The pain sending thrills to my spent brain.  Eventually it smarted horribly and he grabbed some ice.  It trickled over the mounds of my ass and cooled my lips before dissipating from the heat of my skin.  He kept tracing circles with the ice then lightly smacking the same spot he was cooling.  Ah, the tension of pain and pleasure abounded…

Later, I relaxed on a chair as Troy deep-throated Jack while he looked at me.  His jaw stretched taught, his sherry-colored eyes boring into mine, Jack’s turgid length jutting out every so often as Troy pulled his lips back.  My insides colored red, my heart raced, more splintering of my fragile mind…

By now I had ejaculated approximately 30-40 times.  I call it “cumming” for lack of a better word, but it’s not a clitoral orgasm.  It’s something different, something effervescent and luscious.  Heat spreads out from my chest, into my arms, neck and face; my mind races, I get cum-dumb; I lose control of myself and my senses.  I become a sensual nerve.  It’s glorious and lovely and I love it.

Now we’re winding down.  I’m exhausted and can barely form sentences.  Then I have an idea.

I’m wrapped in a blanket and standing next to a reposing Troy on the floor.  Jack is also standing somewhere nearby.

“I’m going to cum again.  Don’t touch me.”

They don’t know what to say so say nothing.  I close my eyes and let the images and sensations of the past few hours roll over me and I feel tension build in my pussy and juices squirt out, run down my legs.  I’m shuddering, the men are now wondering aloud what’s going on, then Troy, whose legs I’ve straddled feels my juices hit his knees.

“Oh my fucking, God, Jack.  She’s squirting…”

Jack doesn’t believe him and I squirt again.  “No, really.  She totally is!  I can feel it!”

I keep going, gently swaying with my efforts and I can hear Troy coarsely whisper, “It’s like a Phoenix…”

He’s referring to my sexual revolution.  He knows what this means to me.

I finish my show and look for my vibe.  It’s played a part in tonight’s games again and I reach for it, push Jack back in a chair and straddle him.  I want to cum so badly with a cock impaling me.  Troy is behind me, cupping my breasts as I ride Jack, vibe pressed down onto me.  He’s hotly whispering how beautiful I am and what a unicorn I am and I cum hard, squirt more and fall limply back into his arms.

Now.  Now, we’re done.

Jack goes upstairs to rinse off and I sneak in one last private orgasm on the floor.  Alone.  And yes, squirt all over my hands again.

I drag myself up to Troy’s bed and collapse deeply into his pillows.  Jack comes over and says, “Goodbye, dearie.”

“Till next time, Jack.”

Troy joins me in bed and he can’t believe what just happened to us.  I’m languid, a fleshy pile of sex and sedation.  He starts to recount our evening and I feel that shine starting again.  I press my mind to explore it and again I cum to Troy’s deep voice.

Before I wet his bed any further I ask him to bring me a pair of boxers.  Now I really want to test this out – away from the exposure of two men.  Now it’s just one relaxing in bed beside me.  I try again and I drench the fabric swaddling me.

More words, more awe, then sleep.  I awake later from a dream, turned on, and cum again.  Maybe?  I don’t know.  I think that’s what Troy told me.  By now this seems as lurid as scribbles on a bathroom wall, but it’s actually all true.  And at this point I wouldn’t put dream-cumming past me.  It’s happened in my past, so why not now?

The next morning dawns and I feel dead and alive simultaneously.  Troy’s back is to me and I am spread-eagle on the other half of his enormous bed.  I stare at the ceiling and wonder if I should slip out soundlessly to be alone with my thoughts.  I think better of it and doze instead; alone, but not.

Hours later, starving, and pressed for time I decide to leave.  I think I could live in a cave for a week, but I’m also thinking I want more, but Troy isn’t up for more sex.  He has things to do and is feeling physically fragile.  I tsk-tsk myself for wanting so much and think, “Just get dressed.  First things first.”

I put myself together: jeans, one leg at a time, apply a little makeup, smoke a cigarette on the balcony while Troy finishes his morning ablutions.

I walk across the space I’d hovered over the night before and hug his middle goodbye.  He kisses the top of my head. “I’m not even going to ask if you had a good time.”

“I won’t ask you, either” I say into his robe.

And I leave.

I played with two cocks on a dark and stormy night.

Another from my journal archives. I’ve been obsessing over MMFs lately — God, I miss them so much. Like, it almost hurts I miss it so much. Here’s the night that Troy and I met Ryan, a deliciously brown and muscled young man with no inhibitions. Enjoy.

Picture this: A big cock and an even bigger cock filled my line of sight. I took one in my right hand and the other in my left and licked from balls to balls, nibbling with my teeth, slurping with my tongue. I could hear moans of pleasure, feel them press their hips forward into my hands and mouth.

Earlier Ryan’s laugh filled me with a sense of warmth and trust. He’s been “in the lifestyle” for most of his adult life at the tender age of 28. Troy and I met him for drinks, decided he was cool, and went back to Troy’s apartment where I found myself with chilled white wine in hand and between the two of them, giddy, nervous, and excited.

I don’t know what magic voodoo happens in an MMF, but it’s there. There’s an element of freedom, acceptance, and sheer fun that vibrates off of the participants. I would venture to say it’s that way in any group situation, but, ohmygod, the fun of an MMF!! The brilliance, the sensation, the hotness! Nothing puts a smile on my face like a good MMF. Really.

When Ryan’s hands found my pussy I was a faucet. Troy murmured how hot I was and that I was a good girl, which caused me to flood Ryan’s hand further. I tried to control the flow, but my body wasn’t mine anymore. It was theirs to do with as they pleased — and please it they did.

I was bent over and stuffed, kissed, stroked, licked, patted, spanked, caressed, and impaled for 5 hours. Ryan squeezed into me while I wrapped my arms around Troy’s waist as he lay back on the couch. “She’s so tight,” Ryan said as he pushed his 10 inches deeper and deeper. His upward curve making my cunt more accommodating to his size. He laughed that I didn’t need any lube. I felt proud.

And when he started to pump I buried my head in Troy’s waist and tried to take it all in. The pounding from behind, the cock jutting between my breasts, the hands firmly on my hips, and the arms wrapped around me. I bent down and took Troy’s cock in my mouth and let Ryan’s thrusts dictate my sucking. Someone grabbed my braids.

I cried uncle a time or two and they let me rest and would play with each other. Between heavy lids and a buzzing pussy I would watch as masculine jaws practically unhinged as cocks were worshiped. Muscles flexing, big hands wrapped gently around tender packages of low hanging flesh. We tried DVP with Troy on the floor and Ryan entering from behind, but we couldn’t make it work. And it really didn’t matter. Everything else was so goddamned amazing.

Ryan’s kisses, his scent, his moves. Troy’s calm presence, his downy chest, his sheer enjoyment of seeing me enjoy myself, his moves.

Once, when I was on Ryan’s lap, happily, stupidly impaling myself on him, Troy was low to the ground watching like a porn cam operator. “Hy, it’s so hot watching you get fucked. You’re so hot, Hyacinth,” and I wasn’t even self-conscious. Ryan’s hands played on my breasts and I bounced and wriggled like I was on a pony ride.

When Ryan came I was on my back on the floor; he was deep inside of me and Troy’s tender balls hung over my face. They were facing each other. I reached up and suckled Troy’s low hanging fruit as I was split open. I take a break I see that Ryan has bent over me and is sucking Troy while he fucks me. I squeeze on Ryan’s shaft and push back hard and lick Troy’s balls some more while Ryan’s mouth works him over.

Almost suddenly, Ryan pulls out and in one stroke peels away his condom and cums all over me and Troy. His smile broad and rakish. “Holy shit, I couldn’t wait any longer. I think cum went that way!” and he motioned over his shoulder. We all laughed and I lay panting on the floor, overwhelmed with desire and satisfaction.

When I was ready again Troy got behind me and to my surprise it felt no different than the 10 inch cock that had just been filling me. I manage to tell him as much and I felt like I’d figured out the secret to his fantastic fucking: He’s got a magic dick. It’s 8″, but feels like 10″.

He pounded into me and I bore down with everything I had. I swiveled my hips at the end, I wiggled back on him whenever he tried to stop. Ryan’s thick rod was in my mouth and I did my best to not bite him as Troy continued to take me higher. Cum poured down my thighs and it was pooling on the rug at my knees. The tempo increased and I thought my chest was going to explode with tingling and numbness and then I hear moans and Troy pulls out and rips his condom off and unloads on my back. I turn around and let him finish cumming on my breasts and on my mouth.

I fall back onto the couch and lay my legs across Ryan’s legs. It’s started to storm and lightening flashes into the darkened living room. I barely know my name anymore. I think we talked about the weather as Troy cleaned up a little. He had a date the following night and he lamented about the state of his couch and rug (drenched by my pussy). How was he going to explain it?

Suddenly, I wanted to be home. So badly. I don’t know what happened to me, but I wanted to run through the rain to my car and lay in my own bed and dream. Hastily I got dressed, assured the men I was ok and ran out into a warm, summer downpour. The drops heavy and silky soaked me to the skin in seconds. I wasn’t upset to discover I’d forgotten my phone and had to run back. Troy met me at the door with it in his hand. I grabbed it and ran back. Soaking wet. Stupid-fucked. Reeling. Happy. Disoriented.

I fucked two guys on Christmas night.

Tonight is my one-year anniversary of becoming a libertine and creating a left-of-center, non-vanilla lifestyle. For real.

Prior to a year ago, I was a newly single woman embarking on a non-monogamous dating path. That much I knew. But I didn’t know how far I swung out of the mainstream until a surprise package landed in my lap late December 25th, 2010. That’s when I knew I was forever changed.

Troy was a man I’d men in early November and our sex was electric. I made him cum 4 times our first time and he’s the one who opened my body to wonders I didn’t know existed. He was a demanding, gentle, talented lover, but out of bed he was cruel, punitive, and dismissive. Our sexual affair lasted as long as I could stand until he betrayed me with a friend. I mourn the loss of his cock and skill, but celebrate the freedom from the bullshit.

One of the many things that Troy and I bonded over was our shared fantasy regarding a third man. He wanted to suck a huge cock and I wanted to watch men suck each other. So we embarked on a hunt via AFF to find a third. Man after man didn’t pass muster. Troy would routinely meet them first to make sure they weren’t creepy, then I’d meet them, but no one clicked. We were becoming discouraged.

Then, it all came together. Like the twinkle in Santa’s eye. It wasn’t planned, it was a happy accident. Suddenly I had two men before me, a fire in my hearth, and cocks all over inside me.

Here’s the story as I documented it one year ago today:

The other night I was suddenly and unexpectedly childless. I invited Troy over for companionship since a trip he had planned for fell through (a wild jaunt in the mountains with an Amazonian Russian doll, no less). I surprised him with my childless status to which he immediately jumped and texted Jack, a 20-something computer-systems-IT-type dude; European in stature and British in intonation, to come to my house instead of his for an initial meet and greet.

Troy was agitated and nervous as we waited so I pushed him down on my couch and sucked and stroked his cock for a few minutes with expertise, then climbed on top and drenched his hips with my pussy juices as he pile drove into me and came like a rockstar.

Finally Jack arrived. Tall, pale, polite, floppy-haired and bespectacled. The perfectly innocuous third to our fantasy.

I sat on the couch next to Troy. Jack sat in a chair. We chatted. Then someone suggested Jack sit next to me, essentially sandwiching me between them. The men began discussing auto-oral stimulation and I mentioned I loved to sit and hold my breast in my hand like this. Then I asked if Jack would like to hold it. Then I told Troy to hold the other one.

I sat there in stillness. The universe swirled around me as two large, warm male hands each cupped a heavy breast tenderly, eagerly.

“What do you want us to do next, sweet Hyacinth?” Jack asked.

“Kiss my neck,” I firmly replied.

And they did. Two pairs of soft lips on balanced sides of my neck, nibbling away. Their hands kneading and strong on my tits still.

With locks of soft hair brushing one side of my neck and the fine stubble of a shaved head on the other I tell them, “Now unbuckle your pants.” They do and I reach into each of their laps and hold giant, rigid cocks. Jack is 8″+, Troy is close to 8″.

All salacious hell breaks loose and the next 3 and a half hours or so are a fucking blur. Literally.

If memory serves me, Jack flipped me on my back, hefted my knees high and peeled off my panties. He fell onto my pussy with gusto while Troy kissed me deeply. It hurt for a few strokes and I had to say, “Flatten your tongue, Jack, flatten it,” to which he did immediately. This went on for a few minutes before things switched gears.

I sucked Jack first. Troy wanted me to lead the way, to break the ice, and I was more than willing. I kneeled before him and spread his legs wide, gripped the base and licked from balls to stern. Jack is thick and my hand was filled with his heat. He was shaved clean, which I don’t ordinarily like, but with the contrast of Troy’s trimming I found it intriguing, titillating, lovely. I deep-throated him like Troy had taught me a couple of days prior but I was sorely lacking so he took over.

I watched in awe as this powerful, 6’6″, broad-shouldered, and athletic man gently took hold of another man’s 8″ cock and tenderly put it in his mouth and. bore. down. Like he was born to it. Someone was probably touching me somewhere — I have no clue — I was spiraling up and up as my fantasy manifested before my eyes.

Things switched again. Jack started fingering me, someone was kissing me, someone was licking my pussy and I was squirting. And squirting. And squirting.

My brain began to shut down and be replaced by my glorious cunt, my nerves, my sensations.

Minutes, hours, an eternity? later I found myself fucking Jack – something neither Troy nor I thought I’d do. He pounded into me. Maybe Troy was there licking my clit? I don’t know. Maybe we were in my room, maybe the living room. God, I have no fucking clue, even now. I only know that at some point my vibe entered the equation and I was prone over my ottoman in only a bathrobe and two long, naked men at my head and rear. Jack was under me with three fingers curled deep inside, the vibe held tight to my clit. Troy was at my face, kissing me, whispering how beautiful I was, this was, and his fingers trailed lightly along my back and face as I whimpered and shuttered and cried and came and came and came and poured juices all over Jack’s face beneath me.

They talked about me like I wasn’t there; marveling at my body and its responses to them. I loved hearing every word. They compared their sensations at “bottoming out” with me, how amazing it was; how eager I was; how incredible I felt and how good I tasted.

And I came some more.

Then I sucked Jack with Troy burying himself deep inside of me, essentially controlling Jack’s blowjob with his thrusts. As Troy so aptly pointed out later, I was, literally, a FUCKING COCKSUCKER.

Later, I lay on my back in my bed with Troy to my left and Jack over me and deep inside of me, the vibe at my clit. Jack had never fucked with a Hitachi before and he kept up a steady stream of comments, “Oh my God. She’s clenching. I can feel her. It feels so good. Oh, Hyacinth…” And then as he came he pulled out, stripped off the condom and Troy sucked him dry, then was suddenly looming over my face, blocking out the light, and snowballing Jack’s yummy, tangy cum into my eager mouth.

I finished myself off with the vibe, Troy’s hand on my throat, Jack quietly waiting at my feet. My mind fragmented. Then Troy says hoarsely, “Hyacinth, I need you to suck me like only you can.” And I did. And he came brilliantly in my mouth, warm and delicious, like heated vanilla.

There were times during the night when I could hear them wondering aloud whether or not they’d “broken me” as I lay trembling and gasping in a literal puddle of my own making. I always said, “NO. Just give me a minute. Don’t stop.” And they didn’t. They kept going and going, playing off of what each other was doing to me, juxtaposing their strokes, their styles.

The strongest two snapshots I have in my mind from that night are 1) of my face pressed into the ottoman with unimaginable sensation skyrocketing out of my pussy through every vein of my body and Troy’s breath mingling with mine as tears slipped over my cheeks from the sheer magnitude of it all, and 2) of me on my back in my bed, Jack silhouetted to the right, Troy on the left. They’d asked me what I wanted them to do as I held the vibe desperately to my clit, and I’d whispered, “Touch each other,” and they simply did. Just them on their knees, I think they might have touched their chests or maybe just a hand, I don’t know, but it was enough for me to explode in orgasm through every cell of my body.

This event is important for a couple of reasons.

First, my self-esteem seems securely anchored not in the fact that men want me, but that I am, indeed special. Other women are not like me. I have something to offer that few do. Gone are the days of me feeling lacking because I don’t cum easily with men — lo, I’ve only clitoraly orgasmed with four lovers ever and two of them I loved (my only two loves, actually, one by accident and Troy was the 4th). Men should feel lucky to come across a woman like me who loves sex, loves men, is open-minded, kind, intelligent, fun, and really fucking sweet in her pursuits to be the best lover possilble.

Secondly, I feel like I’ve been given the most precious gift ever: attention. I never, in a million years, expected Jack and Troy to focus all their attention on me. Never. It was the most brilliant gift I’ve ever received. I hope I accepted it with whatever grace and humility I could possibly muster at the time. After so many years with no attention even remotely charged with sexual energy and then to be the sudden and unexpected recipient of loads of it healed wounds I didn’t know could be healed.

Lastly, It was the beginning of the rest of my sexual life. It opened me to experiences, people, and possibilities I never knew could exist. It was my final puzzle piece. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was the launching point for a titillating, salacious year of sex. A brilliantly difficult, but passionate year.

Best Christmas present ever.